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auto-translate Dove-Valley Inn signs [8 West]

38 city market stakes track
Date from the middle of the Edo period and 3 per month in the Dove-Hodogaya-Juku and 8 is helpful city six times a year.
Was extremely flourishing famous city on the day of the city from neighboring grains, soil stores such as things, vegetable and fodder, tea, hastening the very crowded during the with more than 500 stores after the Meiji era, in four markets pile shows the range can open days held in the city.
From 0/1945 changes in marketing conditions and then gradually disappeared, but as memories of bygone days still ahead 38-city of God city shrine is located.
--- Help city, this post monthly third and 8 with 6 degrees. From neighboring grains, soil pot, vegetable and fodder, tea, straw, are bought and sold.

In particular, 2/28, 4/28, may 3, 7/13, 12/23, city 4/28 6 times than the usual city crowded has.
This is the 書抜 recording entitled from Dove-Hodogaya-Juku's Honjin recorded answers, such as notices from the City Hall and ask to "order"of the 0/1799 (1799) submitted to the Office on "Adachi-gun toneri territory Dove-Valley Inn on statement".


(1) opening of the seedlings and the remnants of the 38-City (5/8/1982)
(2) when I was on the front of the road city shrine (0/1935, from the history of the former Saitama Prefecture))

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auto-translate 鸽子谷酒店标志 [8 西]
38 城市市场股份轨道

日期从江户时代和每月在鸽子保土谷补习 3 和 8 的中间是有帮助的城市一 6 年次。
是极其繁华著名都市从相邻晶粒,土壤商店的东西、 蔬菜和饲料、 茶市日、 加速非常拥挤期间与明治时代以后的超过 500 家门店,在四个街市桩显示范围可以打开天在该市举行。
从 0/1945年市场条件的变化,然后逐渐消失,但作为昔日的记忆仍提前 38--城市中神市神社位于。
帮助城市、 这后每月的第三和 8 与 6 度。 从相邻晶粒、 土锅、 蔬菜和饲料,茶,秸秆,是买和卖。 尤其是,2/28,4/28,5 月 3 日,7/13,12/23,市 4/28 6 倍比通常的城市拥挤了。

这是書抜录音题为从鸽子保土谷补习本阵记录答案,例如从市政厅公告,问到"订单"的 0/1799年 (1799) 提交给办公室关于"安达枪舍人领土鸽子谷酒店声明"。

(1) 的幼苗和遗留物 38 市开幕 (1982/5/8)

(2) 当我在前面的路城市神殿
(0/1935 年,从历史的前埼))


 江戸時代中頃から鳩ケ谷宿 では毎月3と8がつく日の月に6回の市が立ちました。

この文章は、鳩ケ谷宿 の本陣が役所などからの通知や質問などの回答を記録しておいた「御用留」のなかから、寛政十一年(一七九九)付で役所に提出した「足立郡舎人領鳩ケ谷宿明細書上」と題する記録の書抜です。




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