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auto-translate Chikara update village
Kitaku (d)-22 - 7 Katori shrine
七 stone located here is to one "easy stone" and is a powerful stone is inscribed.
Trying from the Edo period to the Meiji era in the 稲付 village, spring equinox is too had time to farm for a little while, because of the village shrine in Katori shrine village brawny young men gathered, stone "sasiaghe", the Chronicle said. Seven of the Chikara to five stones engraved with the weight. Light or heavy 19 kanme (approximately 71 kilograms), but there are 55 kanme (about 206 kilograms). Also, six stone carved the "Brook at Goro" and name. At Goro's milestone marks near the 稲付 village negoya (nekoya) Brook House, strong, who served as the village Sumo Ozeki is called. Located beside the stone Torii 0/1906 (1906) volunteer spouse during the Russo-Japanese War Memorial erected may seen also as the name. 0/1907 (1907) 6/13 passed away at the age of 51.
Chikara was kept in Brook House, is dedicated to the Katori shrine 0/1965 (1965) by the time and continues to the present. Became a tool for chikaraishi, Festival of the shrine in the lift to Providence raise stone Zhan (ishiuら) was used, after young people do.
This powerful stone is a precious cultural heritage indicate the ways and customs of the 稲付 village of bygone days.
3/1996 Tokyo, Kita-ku, Board of education

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Kitaku (d)-22-7 香取靖国神社
试图从江户时代到明治时代在稲付村庄,春分是太时间到农场一小会儿,因有的乡村神社,香取神社村庄粗壮的年轻人聚集,石头"sasiaghe",纪事报 》 说。
七个到五个石头爱乐刻有重量。 轻或重 19 kanme (约 71 公斤),但也有 55 kanme (约 206 公斤)。 而且,六个石头雕刻的"溪在五郎"和名称。 在五郎的里程碑标志附近稲付村 negoya (似虎谷) 溪房子,强,担任相扑大关村的人被称为。 位于旁边的石牌坊 0/1906年 (1906 年) 志愿者配偶在日俄战争纪念碑竖立 5 月也被看见作为名称。 0 和 1907 年 (1907) 6/13 去世,享年 51 岁。 爱乐人处于溪的房子,专门为香取神社 0/1965年 (1965 年) 的时候,一直持续到现在。
节日的神社,电梯到普罗维登斯提高石材展 (石浦) 用后年轻人做,,成为力石的工具。 这强有力的石头是珍贵的文化遗产指示的方式和昔日的稲付村的风俗习惯。

赤羽西ニ-二二-七 香取神社境内
 ここにある七つの石は、その一つに「さし石」と刻まれている力石 です。


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