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auto-translate Taisho period (handler's part) of the Western-style house (youkan)
Registered as national cultural property (especially registration bunnkazai) "old 50 storm dental clinic" (Kyushu rashishi although however) Old 50 storm dental clinic (Kyushu rashishi although however), townhouse (Machiya) Western (are more than 2000), increased home improvement (zoukaichiku)-Western-style architecture (giyou way I) and appearance (appearance), Western-style introspection (suicides), Japanese (Japanese) is a unique building is the building called.
As a Western-style architecture at the time rare glass often used, open (kaihouteki) and feel the modern breath (Ibuki), coupled with the siding (shitamiita) white paint. 0/1914, 50 storm semi (igarashijunn) Mr. home three times over and converted into a Western-style, dental practice (line breaks) I. Still had no water days, through water (idomizu), second-floor clinic (shinnryoushitsu) pump and piping (iKan) also.
Doctor (meii) and known town (chozan) lives in (can) former imperial household Minister Tanaka light microscopic count (titers is in a mess new labour this vigour) also was one of the patients (kannja).
10/11/2000 in the country registration tangible cultural heritage (especially registration yuukei bunnkazai) to register (registration) has been. Shizuoka-Shi

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auto-translate 昭和 (处理程序的一部分) 的西方风格的房子 (youkan)
注册为国家文化财产 (特别是注册 bunnkazai)"老 50 风暴牙科诊所"(九州 rashishi 虽然不过)
老 50 风暴牙科诊所 (九州 rashishi 虽然不过),联排别墅 (町) 西方 (有超过 2000 年),增加家装 (zoukaichiku)-西部-风格的建筑 (吉岳方式我) 和外观 (外观),西式的反思 (自杀),日本 (日语) 是一个独特的建筑是建筑称为。 作为西式建筑在时间罕见玻璃经常使用,打开 (kaihouteki) 和感受现代气息 (Ibuki),加上壁板 (shitamiita) 白色油漆。
0/1914 年,50 风暴半 (igarashijunn) 先生家超过三次,转换成西式、 牙科实践 (换行符) 我。 天里仍有没有水,通过水 (idomizu)、 二楼诊所 (shinnryoushitsu) 泵和管道 (iKan) 也。 医生 (业) 和已知的镇 (樗山) 住在 (can) 前帝国家庭部长田中光显微计数 (效价是一团糟新劳工这活力) 也是一位病人 (kannja)。
2000/10/11 在国家注册有形文化遗产 (尤其是登记 yuukei bunnkazai) 注册 (登记) 了。

 大正3年、五十嵐準(いがらしじゅん)氏が自宅を3回にわたり洋風に改造し、歯科医院を開業(かいぎょう)しました。水道がなかった時代、井戸水(いどみず)を二階の診療室(しんりょうしつ)まで通したポンプや配管(はいかん)も残っています。名医(めいい)と知られ、当町(とうちょう)在住(ざいじゅう)の元宮内大臣田中光顕 伯爵(もとくないだいじんたなかこうけんはくしゃく)も患者(かんじゃ)の一人でした。


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