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Site of Medical Institute
Shimadzu-Shigehide, 25th lord of Satsuma, was a great advocate for civilizing and educating people. Following examples set by the clan schools of Zoshikan and Embukan, Shigehide established a Medical Institute to the southwest of these building in 1774.
The medical institute, which was based upon the Edo (Tokyo) Medical Institution, aimed at training medical doctors through lectures, group discussion and through the research of medicinal herbs. Samurai, from both the castle town, and the country sides; foot soldiers; tradesmen; and merchants were also allowed to attend if they wished. Under the guidance of the institute's seven lecturers, there were as many as one hundred medical students studying. On te same site, a shrine for Shinnno, a god for medicine and agriculture, was also established.
Shigehide encouraged the cultivation of medicinal herbs and operated herb gardens in Yamagawa, Sata and Yoshino (Kagoshima City). He made great efforts to publish books on herbs and natural history, thus making his contribution to the development of medicine.
Shigehide also established Meijikan, also known as Tenmonkan, to the southeast of the medical institute in 1779 to conduct astronomical observations and calendar making. This facility gave birth to the name of present-day downtown, Tenmonkan.

in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Kagoshima Daichi Lions Club
25, March, 2005

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auto-translate 网站的医疗研究所岛津重豪,25 耶和华的温州蜜柑,教化和教育人民是伟大的倡导者。之后的 Zoshikan 和 Embukan 的氏族学校为榜样,重豪设立的这些建筑在 1774 年西南医疗研究所。医疗机构,根据江户 (东京) 的医疗机构,旨在训练医生通过讲座、 小组讨论和通过对药用植物的研究。武士,从城堡镇和国家双方 ;脚的士兵 ;商人 ;和客商也被允许参加如果他们希望。根据该研究所的七个讲师的指导下,有多达一百名医学学生学习。在 te 上还设立了同一站点,为 Shinnno,为医学和农业,神祠。重荣鼓励的药材种植和经营药草园 Yamagawa、 Sata 和吉野 (鹿儿岛市)。他真的很努力出版书籍上草药和自然历史,从而使他对医学发展的贡献。重荣还建立了 Meijikan,也被称为天文馆,在 1779 年,进行天文观测和日历制作的医疗学院的东南面。这一设施生了当今市区,天文馆的名称。在鹿儿岛整固狮子俱乐部第 25 周年纪念活动25、 2005 年 3 月

2005年3月25日 鹿児島第一ライオンズクラブ結成25周年記念


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