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auto-translate Road excavation monument
Explanatory text Kagoshima Prefecture is surrounded by sea on three sides, endowed with land and sea products in a warm and fertile land. However, in complex terrain is everywhere, bad roads, in inconvenient traffic stagnant industry, residents were suffering from very.
Chiaki Watanabe Governor of ( 7/1880 ~ 9/1890 ), improving the roads, citizens for this to the provincial Chairperson, gained favor. Residents heard it competed and donated the cost of construction, also grants also gave the Government.
Yamauchi Tsutsumi clouds Governor replaced Governor Watanabe ( 9/1890 ~ 11/1892 ) also showered the urge and how painful of full recognition of the need for this project achieved this big business against the officers and citizens themselves standing at the beginning of this work in addition to no. Should be 0/1887 (1887), and construction began in June and was completed after 5 years.
Capital 500000 Yen in the extension of the road maintenance was too in 100-RI (about 400 km).
As a State Highway, part of route 37 from Kagoshima Ichiki, Sendai and Kumamoto prefectures through akune, U.S.-Tsu-RI 26 25 town too (the current national road No. 3, approximately 105 km)
2 the route 38 from Kagoshima Shigetomi, kajiki, Beach-City, Miyazaki prefectures through 敷根 16-31 town too (the current national road No. 10, about 66 km)
As a county road and one from the kajiki-Cho mizobe, Yokogawa, tail of water, large-volume through Kumamoto 15 8 town leading to the border too (current kajiki route kurino, route 268 issue, about 60 km)
The two deer infant island from makurazaki taniyama, chiran 13 32 towns too (current route taniyama chiran, chiran makurazaki route, approximately 55 km)

The third Valley mountains from Kaseda Isaku through 8-10 Cho too ( current Prefecture dogok Isaku line, route 270, about 33 km )
The four from Fukuyama iwakawa, shibushi, Osaki, higashikushira, Kanoya, furue through Tarumi 23 30 town (current County Road Fukuyama line, route 220 issue, about 94 km).
The condition. Finally achieved the road to improve the scrapes the tunnel through precipitous mountains and rocks, or buried valleys, bridging the river such as the ones in.
Developed on the road like this road becomes flat for the first time, easy to traffic as a result, the traffic of people and goods became active.
Immense role played in the development of the industry, compared to previous road by road maintenance of these logistics to be useful.
The person was who makes the analogy from the difficult things that start things is easy, but to finish it, even this will always fail if no brains and discretion. Would be useful to also must remember the citizens naturally with it and it seems that long this benefit from the naturally understand this business process. Business has been achieved.
We write this, erected this monument.

3/2006 moved from Hirata bridge * photography relocation before.

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auto-translate 道路开挖纪念碑
鹿儿岛县四面环海,三面,赋予了陆地和海洋产品在温暖和肥沃的土地。然而,在复杂的地形是无处不在路况不好,不方便交通停滞行业,居民患有非常。千秋渡边总督的 7/1880年 ~ 9/1890年),改进的道路,为此向省主席,公民获得青睐。
居民听到它竞争和捐赠的建设成本,还资助也给了政府。山内堤云总督取代总督渡边 9/1890年 ~ 11/1892年) 也铺天盖地的冲动和如何痛苦的充分认识到需要为这个项目取得这单大生意针对人员和公民自己站在开始这项工作除了没有。
应该是 0/1887年 (1887 年),和建造始于 6 月,5 年后完成了。资本 500000 日元的公路养护的扩展也是在 100-RI (约 400 公里)。
作为国家高速公路,一部分从鹿儿岛栎木、 仙台、 熊本专区通过莫称,美国 Tsu 国际扶轮 26 路线 37 25 镇太 (当前全国路 3 号,大约 105 公里)
2 路线 38 从鹿儿岛重富,西风,海滨城市,通过敷根 16 31 镇宫崎郡太 (当前全国路 10 号,约 66 公里)
作为县乡公路和一个来自西风町沟边,横河,尾水,大体积通过熊本 15 8 镇太通往边境 (当前西风路线 kurino,路线 268 问题,大约 60 公里)
两只鹿婴儿太岛从 makurazaki 谷山,奇兰 13 32 城镇 (当前路线谷山奇兰,奇兰 makurazaki 路线,大约 55 公里)
三谷山从通过 8-10 Cho Kaseda Isaku 太当前自治州 dogok Isaku 线,路由 270,关于 33 公里)

福山岩河,志布志,从四个大崎,东串良,鹿,古家通过垂水 23 30 镇 (当前县路福山线 220 路线问题,约 94 公里)。

2006 年 3 月搬从平田桥
* 摄影搬迁之前。

 鹿児島県は三方を海に囲まれ、暖かく肥沃な土地で、海陸の産物に恵まれている。しかし、県内は複雑な地形がいたるところにあり、道路が悪く、交通も不便で産業が振るわず、県民はとても苦しんでいた。当時の渡辺千秋 知事(明治13年7月〜明治23年9月)は、このことを憂い、県民のために道路を整備することとし、県議会に諮って賛成を得た。
 県民はこれを聞き競って建設費を寄付し、また、政府は国庫補助金も出した。渡辺知事に代わった山内堤雲 知事(明治23年9月〜明治25年11月)もこの事業の必要性を大いに認め、自ら先頭に立って吏員や県民に対して、この大事業を成し遂げうるのは、いかにつらくともこの仕事の他に無いと、促し激励した。
その一 国道37号は、鹿児島から市来、川内、阿久根、米ノ津を経て熊本県境に至る26里25町余り(現在の国道3号、約105km)
その二 国道38号は、鹿児島から重富、加治木、浜ノ市、敷根を経て宮崎県境に至る16里31町余り(現在の国道10号、約66km)
その一 加治木町から溝辺、横川、湯之尾、大口を経て熊本県境に至る15里8町余り(現在の県道栗野加治木線、国道268号、約60km)
その二 鹿児島から谷山、知覧を経て枕崎に至る13里32町余り(現在の県道谷山知覧線、県道知覧枕崎線、約55km)
その三 谷山から伊作を経て加世田に至る8里10町余り(現在の県道谷山伊作線、国道270号、約33km)

その四 福山から岩川、志布志、大崎、串良、鹿屋、古江を経て垂水至る23里30町(現在の県道志布志福山線、国道220号、約94km)

平成18年3月 平田橋たもとから移設


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