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Statue of Komatsu Tatewaki
Komatsu-Tatewaki was born in 1835 (Tempo 6) as the third son of the Kimotsuki Family, the lord of Kiire. When he was 20 years old, he was adopted by the Komatsu Family, the lord of Yoshitoshi (Hiyoshi Town), and renamed himself Komatsu Tatewaki. Even as a child Komatsu Tatewaki excelled in academic work and material arts, and became a chief retainer at the age of 27. He assigned Saigo Takamori and Okubo Toshimichi to important posts, and made a great contribution to the Meiji Restoration by concluding the Satsuma-Choshu Alliance after having worked through the Teradaya Incident, the Namamugi Incident (the Richardson Affair) and the Anglo-Satsuma Battle. Tragically, at the height of his importance to Japan, including a post as diplomat after the Meiji Restoration, he died when he was 34 years old.
In 1867 (Keio 3), the 15th Shogun, Tokugawa Yoshinobu, called for an assembly of local loads in Nijo Castle and asked whether political sovereignly should be returned to the Emperor. Komatsu Tatewaki, the chief retainer of Satsuma at that time, was the first to report this historically significant transfer of power. This statue, facing the Terukuni Shrine, where the statues of three distinguished men of the Shimadzu Family (Shimadzu Nariakira, Shimadzu Hisamitsu, and Shimadzu Tadayoshi) now stand, depicts the moment of his reporting.

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auto-translate Komatsu Tatewaki 的雕像小松 Tatewaki 出生于 1835 年 (节奏 6) 作为第三家的儿子 Kimotsuki,Kiire 的主。20 岁时,他通过了小松家庭,芳 (日吉镇),利主,改名为小松 Tatewaki。即使作为一个孩子小松 Tatewaki 擅长的学术工作和材料的艺术,并在 27 岁时成为了一个主要的家臣。他指派西乡隆盛和大久保久保利通给重要的职位,并通过缔结萨摩下关联盟曾通过 Teradaya 事件,生麦事件 (理查森事理) 和盎格鲁-温州蜜柑战斗后到明治维新作出了巨大贡献。可悲的是,他到日本,明治维新后,作为外交官包括一个职位的重要性的高度在他死时他才 34 岁。1867 年 (庆应 3),第 15 幕府将军,德川义信,为某个程序集的局部荷载作用在二条城打电话,问是否政治主权应返回到皇帝。小松 Tatewaki,首席在扣件的温州蜜柑在那个时候,是政权的第一个报告了这个具有历史意义移交。这座雕像,面对辉国神社,在那里的三个雕像尊敬的日本岛津家 (岛津齐杉、 岛津久光和岛津忠悫) 的男人现在的站立,描绘了他的报告的时刻。

 小松帯刀 は1835(天保6)年、喜入領主肝付家の三男として生まれ、20歳で吉利(日吉町)の領主小松家の養子となり、小松帯刀と名を改めました。子供の頃から学問や武芸にすぐれ、27歳で家老となり、西郷隆盛大久保利通 などを重要な役目につけました。寺田屋事件、生麦事件、薩英戦争を乗りきり、薩長同盟を結ぶなど明治維新に向けて活躍しました。維新後も外交官など要職につきましたが、34歳で亡くなりました。


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