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auto-translate Star Valley water road maintenance image Formerly flowed beneath the arched bridge here Osaki hachimangu shrine 4 star Valley water is from the feudal era to the Showa era in Sendai city placed like meshes of a net, is used for domestic water, water for fire protection, and form a rich town water was supporting travelers from Unzen city water and forest.
However, rapid urbanization development and improved culvert of most of them, no longer had formed me, in the water and forest city water environment.
From this water environment of the Sendai area for future study, along with local residents, in terms of environment, disaster prevention research and e-mailed, favorable water environment of area for me is presenting the image to suggest that establishing 4 Valley irrigation channels, such as figures on the left at the old Yotsuya water flowed past Osaki Hachiman shrine entrance arched bridge, and what did.

(The Sendai area healthy water environment Research Committee)
' Sendai area healthy water environment Research Committee ' Secretariat
Corporation Tohoku construction Church Management Division, phone 022-268-4454
* Due to donations from that Valley water play area made this sign is 4. • Osaki hachimangu shrine, Yawata Area neighborhood association, Hachiman town Community Council

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auto-translate 星谷水道路维护映像
以前从拱形的桥下流过大崎八幡宫 4 星的谷水是从封建时代到昭和时代在仙台市放像一张网,网格用于生活用水、 水的消防安全,形成丰富镇水支持来自云仙市水和森林的旅行者。 不过,快速城市化发展与他们中的大多数改进的涵不再成立了我,在水和森林的城市水环境。
从仙台地区为未来的研究,以及当地居民,这水环境的环境、 灾害预防研究和通过电子邮件发送、 良好的水环境的地区对我来说形象建议,建立 4 谷灌溉渠道,如在原有的四谷水左边的数字流过去的大崎八幡神社入口拱形桥,和做了什么。

公司东北建设教会管理司,电话 022-268-4454
将一项从那谷水戏剧方面取得捐赠这个标志是 4。
八幡宫镇社区理事会八幡区邻里协会 • 大崎八幡宫


(社)東北建設教会 管理事業部 電話022-268-4454
・大崎八幡宮 ・八幡地区町内連合会 ・八幡町まちづくり協議会


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