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auto-translate Himeji Han Sakai Chief retainer (Princess assemble or craze would) TAKASU Hayato Yashiki (Hayato decency? I) TAKASU House is the President after Sakai clan family.
Perido came "Hayato" from generation to generation, and 3,000 koku, Tomoyuki (tojirareta) in the late Edo period. TAKASU homes residential is in, in the North West corner of the major gate muscle going from gate to gate and the daimyo-machi Street intersection where one the. Premises are approximately 135 m East-West and had a staff of approximately 75 m North-South.
For major gate muscle bent-shaped 鉤no手 (tejou) mansion where in-Castle to head major gate muscle from the gate and in front of the tranditional TAKASU House (its) enters eyes. A long building reaches West from the eastern end of the site and guess from this gate, was built on a masonry base platform (ishidzumikidann). Its appearance is a tile (kawarabuki) plaster paint basket (plaster fills rice) is. Also in the other drawings portrayed West building are three buildings and civil building is a building, tables can you imagine with the Academy (omoteshoinn) and of the inner House.
Suggest that was in the House because it depicted a splendid garden with garden. TAKASU residence the Meiji Restoration after removal, and region near the "jonan parade ground (-I rennpei-)" as was used until after World War II.
After World War II was built people housing, etc.;
Found confirming building cornerstone (Soseki) and wells House ruins is still good (thus), excavations in the Park recently.
Above "Himeji Samurai House figure (19 first century)" the Himeji City Castle laboratory owned by
Donated by Himeji Lions Club 6/2003

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auto-translate 姬路市韩 Sakai 首席家臣 (公主组装或狂热会) TAKASU 勇气象 (勇正派? 我)
TAKASU 房子后 Sakai 氏族、 家族是总统。 遇到来自"勇"一代一代,和 3,000 koku,在江户末期朋 (tojirareta) 之。
TAKASU 家园住宅中,处于西北角落的主要门肌肉去从大门门和大名町街交叉路口哪。 校舍约 135 米东-西,有员工约 75 米南北。 主要门肌肉形弯曲鉤no手 (tejou) 大厦在哪里在-城堡到头部的主要门肌肉从门并在传统 TAKASU 房子 (其) 进入眼睛。
长从东端的站点和从这个门猜西到达栋建在砌体基础平台 (ishidzumikidann)。 它的出现是瓷砖 (瓦葺) 石膏漆篮 (石膏填充米)。 此外在西描绘的其他图纸建设三个建筑和民用建筑是一座建筑,表你能想象与学院 (omoteshoinn) 和在房子内。 建议那是在房子里,因为它描述了一个美丽的花园,花园。
TAKASU 居住明治维新后去除和附近地区"安阅兵 (-我 rennpei-)",在二次世界大战以后使用了。 二次世界大战建成住房的人,等后。;
发现确认建设基石 (漱石) 和井房子废墟仍然良好 (因此),挖掘在最近的公园。
以上"姬路市武士房子图 (19 世纪)"姬路市城堡实验室拥有的

姫路藩 酒井家家老(ひめじはんさかいけかろう) 高須隼人 屋敷跡(たかすはやとやしきあと)
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姫路藩酒井家家老 高須隼人屋敷跡


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