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auto-translate Elephant's trunk on of the waterfront of ) and Kanagawa Tokyo
About the elephant's trunk and Kanagawa Tokyo
There are records from Kanagawa Odaiba gun salute was struck during at that time opened the Japan delegation to the international port and Wharf has along Odaiba ( turret ) and 0/1871 1871, iwakura Tomomi Plenipotentiary and the departed from the elephant's trunk on of the waterfront of ) in Western countries.

Tell now and in future generations of the opening of the elephant's trunk and Kanagawa Tokyo two historic sites currently still part of the ruins, in Yokohama, 0/2009 (2009) port opening 150th anniversary commemorative for the restoration of the elephant's trunk, Kanagawa daiba area facilities construction.
And the elephant's trunk 0/1858 (1858) in U.S., Orchid, dew, Britain, France and international trade treaties the following year 1859 in Yokohama port opening.
Wharf built Harbour, one of the them West Wharf ( English Embarcadero, after the elephant's trunk ), used for lifting up and down of comings and goings of passengers on international routes to take or import and export goods. The first Wharf was the parallel shape of two great fire of 1866, 0/1866 wake roads around the redevelopment was the wharf extension project was made. Changed build, to function as a seawall wharf on the East side is large and curved shape.

Thus, is called after the elephant's trunk was born.
And Kanagawa Tokyo
0/1859 (1859) in may, the shogunate ordered Iyo-Matsuyama domain, in the designs of katsu kaishu Odaiba ( turret ) built off the coast of Kanagawa-Juku (currently Kanagawa-Ku).
Odaiba in the fan-shaped jutting out into the sea of total area approx. 26000 m2 (8000 Tsubo) 70000 both cost and construction time takes about 1 year, which was completed June 1860, 0/1860.
In the facility played an important role at that time to exchange diplomatic relations between Nations and salute or salute the international port and can have. Until abolished in 2/1899 were used as Odaiba, from 0/1921 in 1921, was reclaimed. You can now try part of the stone wall by the surrounding construction.

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auto-translate 大象的鼻子上的海旁,() 和东京神奈川县

有来自神奈川县台场礼炮被触击了在期间在次打开日本代表团到国际港口和码头已沿台场炮塔) 和 0/1871年 1871 年的记录、 岩仓 Tomomi 全权代表和离去的从大象的鼻子上的海旁,在西方国家中 ()。
告诉现在和今后几代人的开放的大象的鼻子和神奈川县东京两次历史性场所目前仍遗址,在横滨、 2009 年 0 月的一部分 (2009) 开埠 150 周年纪念恢复的大象的鼻子,神奈川县水城炮台区设施建设。

0/1858年 (1858) 在美国、 兰花、 露水、 英国、 法国和国际贸易条约横滨港口开放以下 1859 年。码头建海港,其中之一西码头英语的享乐主义后大象的树干),用于解除上下的在国际航线上的乘客进出采取或导入和导出的货物。
第一码头是并行形状的两个巨大火 1866 年,在重建周围 0/1866年唤醒公路是作码头扩建工程。海塘码头东侧是大到函数更改生成,并且弯曲的形状。因而,叫大象的鼻子出生后。

0/1859年 (1859 年) 的可能,幕府下令伊予松山域,在设计中胜海舟楷书修造了神奈川县海岸-里 (目前神奈川县-Ku) 的台场炮塔)。
在扇形伸出入海总占地面积约 26000 m2 台场 (8000 坪) 70000 成本和施工时间约 1 年,完成了 1860 年 6 月,0/1860年。
直到在废除 1899 年 2 月被用作台场,从 0/1921 年在 1921 年,回收了。现在可以由周围建筑尝试,石头城墙的一部分。


 日本が開国した当時、国際港には波止場とあわせて台場(砲台)が備えられており、明治4年(1871年)岩倉具視 を全権大使とした使節団が西洋諸国に「象の鼻(波止場)」から出発した際にも、「神奈川台場」から祝砲が打たれた記録が残っている。

象の鼻 とは

神奈川台場 とは
 安政6年(1859年)5月、幕府は伊予松山藩 に命じ、勝海舟 の設計で台場(砲台)を神奈川宿(現在の神奈川区)の沖合に構築した。


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