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The Statues of St,Francis Xavier, Yajiro, and Bernard
The parson who guided Francis Xavier to Kagosima was Yajiro, a young Kagoshima man. He was an overseas trader and having learned of the saint from a Portugese captain and being driven by an easer desire, Yajiro went to Malacca to see Xavier. When they saw each other, Xavier was impressed by the sincerity of the young man. yajiro reinforced Xavier's intention to missionary work in Japan, and then he came to Kagoshima, Yajiro's home. Lord Takahisa Shimadzu of Kagoshima allowed him to spread Christianity.
Xavier, who stayed for a year at Kagosima, left there for Kyoto with Bernard, one of his Kagoshima disciples, to present himself to the Emperor and to get permisson to spread Christianity over Japan. But he could not see the Emperer in the confusion of wars in Kyoto. He stayed there only eleven days and then returned to Goa via Yamaguchi and Oita. He sent Bernard to Europe. Bernard arrived at Lisbon in September 1553. He went to Rome to present himself to the pope, Paul IV. He was the first Japanese to reach Europe. He had so excellent a religious quality that many who saw him praised him very much in their letters and diaries, but he died of illness at Coimbra Portugal in 1557.
Yajiro guided Xavier to Japan, helping to introduce not only Christianity, but also a breadth of European culture to Japan. Bernard successfully represented the Japanese in Europe. In this special year of the 450th anniversary of Xavier's landing in Japan, commemorating the long friendship between Japan and Europe which these three persons started, we have constructed statues of the three men to remember them.
St. Francis Xavier Memorial Association October 8 1999

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auto-translate St Francis Xavier、 Yajiro、、 Bernard 雕像引导到 Kagosima Francis Xavier 的牧师是 Yajiro,一个年轻的鹿儿岛人。他是一个海外贸易的商人,从葡萄牙船长和被愿望的驱使下更容易,这位圣人的学了,Yajiro 去马六甲看浩宇。当他们看到对方时,浩宇印象的年轻人的诚意。yajiro 钢筋浩宇的意图,在日本,从事传教工作,然后他来到鹿儿岛,Yajiro 的家。耶和华山灵岛津的鹿儿岛允许他传播基督教。泽维尔,呆了一年在 Kagosima,留在那里那里京都与 Bernard,他的鹿儿岛门徒之一,把自己介绍给皇帝,并得到执照日本上空传播基督教。但他看不到着混乱的战争在京都。他呆在那里只有十一天,然后返回到果阿通过 Yamaguchi 和大分县。他派 Bernard 到欧洲。Bernard 在 1553 年 9 月抵达里斯本。他去了罗马,把自己介绍给教皇,Paul IV。他是第一个日本人,到达欧洲。他有这样的优秀宗教的质量,很多人看到他在他们的信件和日记,很多表扬了他但他死亡的疾病在葡萄牙科英布拉 1557 年。Yajiro 引导泽维尔到日本,帮助向日本介绍不仅是基督教,也是欧洲文化的广度。Bernard 成功地代表了日本人在欧洲。在这特殊的一年的泽维尔的降落在日本,纪念日本和欧洲这些三人开始,之间的长期友谊第 450 周年,我们构建了三人要记住他们的雕像。圣 Francis Xavier 纪念协会 1999 年 10 月 8 日

 フランシスコ・ザビエル を日本に案内したのは、ヤジロウ(またはアンジロウ)と呼ばれる鹿児島の青年でした。彼は貿易商で、知り合いの船長からザビエルのことを聞き、是非会いたいものだと考えマラッカに行きました。ヤジロウを見たザビエルはその人柄に感心し、日本にキリスト教 を伝えたいと考え、彼と共に1549年鹿児島に来ました。鹿児島の太守島津貴久 は、ザビエルにキリスト教布教を許しました。
ザビエル上陸顕彰会 1999年10月8日


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