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auto-translate It is said that Kisarazu Yubetsu Memorial Kisarazu Yubetsu Memorial sings at the Takazado at the beginning, with a wonderful Kisarazu child, Kisarazu Tatei Yuyashi who was in the Edo Rakugo world during Ansei years. This got popular unexpectedly, and was temporarily prevalent in the Edo area at one time. His phrase was transmitted to Kisarazu by the boatman who passed along the Edo, and it was about to be popularly sung in the flower stall sooner or later, but only a little elder in a flower street knew it. However, fortunately the lady Mr. Tsuzaki Kise who remembered this song taught to the geisha that I had, so I was able to keep the song &39;s life that I was trying to endure. One of this geisha eventually came up to Tokyo, became a seller nominated as Wakafuku, sang with Kisarazu Nakuni, once learned, on the natural beautiful voice and sang at Ozashiki. Wakufuki is often said to have a voice at the cockpit of politicians&39; masterpieces, and it is said that during the Taisho era, in the Taisho era, it became popular in the Hanayanagi district of Tokyo again, and it spread to the whole country nationwide. The two bronze statues are made by imagining contemporary women as to face Wakusuku Masaki to the right, and the left to inherit this traditional performing art. In this monument, there is a wish that Kinzatsu Hideto will spread widely, and will sing and dance in the future for a long time. December Heisei City Tourism Association

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auto-translate 据说在木zu津由纪念木更津由纪念纪念木枝津由纪念在开始的时候在高佐时唱歌,在安贞年间在江户久留米世界中,有一个美妙的木更津孩子,木更津立太里。这个意外地受欢迎,曾一度在江户地区暂时盛行。他的话被江户传过来的船夫传给木更津,迟早要在花摊上大唱,但花街上只有一点年长的人知道。不过幸好这位歌的Tsuzaki Kise先生记得我曾经教给过的艺伎,所以我能够保留我即将消亡的那首歌的生命。这位艺伎之一终于来到了东京,成为被提名为Wakafuku的卖家,与曾经学习过的Kisarazu Nakuni一起,以自然美丽的声音与Ozashiki一起演唱。经常被说成是在政治家的杰作的驾驶舱里有发言权,据说在大正时代,在大正时代,在东京花之谷地区也流行起来,并且传播到全国的全国。这两尊青铜雕像是由当代女性想象成面对Wakusuku Masaki在右边,而左边是继承这种传统的表演艺术。在这个纪念碑里,有一个希望Kinzatsu Hideto会广泛传播,并且会在未来很长一段时间唱歌跳舞。 12月平成市观光协会

木更津甚句 は、安政年間に江戸落語界にあった生粋の木更津っ子、木更津亭柳勢高座 で歌ったのが初めといわれています。これが思いのほか人気を得て、一時は江戸界隈に大流行しました。甚句は、江戸通いの船頭たちによって木更津にも伝わり、まもなく花街でも盛んに歌われるところとなりましたが、いつしかすたれ、わずか花街の古老たちが知るだけとなりました。しかし、幸いにもこの歌を覚えていた料理店の女主人露崎きせ が、抱えていた芸妓たちに教えておいたので、危うく絶えようとしていた歌の命脈を保つことができました。この芸妓の一人がやがて上京し、若福と名乗って売れっ妓となり、かつて覚えた木更津甚句を生来の美声に乗せてお座敷で歌いだしました。若福は、政界の名士たちの酒席に声がかかることも多く、努めて甚句を被露するうち、大正時代には、再び東京の花柳界で流行し、やがて全国に広まったといわれています。
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