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auto-translate God well Castle Guo traces In the middle ages is a central part of the residence of the Toshima clan warlords were active in shakujii Castle. Sanpo Temple pond side cliffs, moats and earthworks were built on three sides remain.
Located inside (traffic) was building to use in case of emergencies, such as flat, and is considered. Part of the moat and earthworks and traffic became apparent in excavations carried out over six years from the 0/1998 civic participation. Moat was in delves Kanto loam (red) on U-shaped cross section depth of about 6 m, 12 m, found that. flat bottom approximately 3 m in width "boxes" in the. Karahori is, no traces were filled with water. Also digging up dirt mixed with black, hardened little by little while some on the inside has built the earthworks. To estimate the amount of soil had collapsed and about 3 meters higher than the current will be estimated. You can over moats and earthworks high ratio difference between 10 m and strong fortifications were in. Tokoname ware made from earthworks from the 14 century 15 century pots and iron knife has been excavated.
Pillar holes have been discovered was not clearly remains inside the building, and had built small shanties of possible.
Survey in 12 century and unearthed from the 16 century China ceramics porcelain, Tokoname ware, Atsumi-yaki is small, indicating the wealth of the Toshima clan, as well as living tools of excavation suggests that resided in the traffic-building potential.
Pictured left) views from the top of the earthworks *
In the photo) tstisou section of the moat

Right photo) columns holes in traffic
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auto-translate 神井城堡郭痕迹
在中世纪是中部的丰岛部族的军阀们居住的是活跃的在石神井城堡。 三博寺池塘边悬崖、 护城河和土方工程建在三面保持。 位于内 (交通) 是建筑在紧急情况下,如平,使用和被认为是。
护城河和土方工程和交通的一部分变得明显在发掘,共进行了六年从 0/1998年公民参与。 护城河里深入关东沃土 (红色) U 形截面深度约 6 米,12 米,发现.平底大约 3 米的宽度"框"中。 Karahori 是,没有痕迹都装满了水。 此外挖与黑色混合,一点一滴硬化而一些在里面建立了土方工程。 估计量的土壤已经坍塌,将估计比当前高约 3 米。 你可以在护城河,在土方工程高比值差之间 10 m 和坚固的防御工事。 从 14 世纪 15 世纪陶罐和铁刀土方工程常滑器皿已经开挖。 显然不是在大楼里的遗骸和小棚户区的可能已发现柱洞。
调查在 12 世纪和 16 世纪中国陶瓷瓷器,常滑洁具出土渥美烧是小,指示丰岛家族的财富和生活工具的发掘表明,居住在交通建设的潜力。
上图左) 顶部的土方工程的意见 *
在这张照片) tstisou 条护城河
右图) 列孔在交通


石神井城 主郭跡
 中世に活躍した武将、豊島氏の居城であった石神井城 の中心部分です。三宝寺池側は崖で、残る三方には土塁 が築かれていました。内部(内郭)は平坦で、有事の際に利用する建物などがあったと考えられている場所です。



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