Wartime Concrete Aircraft Hangars



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Wartime Concrete Aircraft Hangars
Concrete aircraft hangars were used as storage sheds to protect the dwindling number of Japanese Army aircraft during air raids in the Pacific War. They served to preserve aircraft for the seemingly impending 'decisive battle' on the Japanese mainland. As the fighting worsened, approximately 30 concrete hangars and 30 open clay hangars were built over a short period around 1994. The construction of these hangars was mainly undertaken by the Army Air Force and a construction company. A local gardening group and large numbers of junior high students were also mobilized in the effort. Taxiways to the concrete hangars were built and airplanes were guided inside by ropes pulled by people. In Musashinomori Park and Fuchu City, both located near Chohu airport, two concrete aircraft hangars can still be seen. The concrete hangar at Musashinomori Park has been preserved as a historic object in memory of the Pacific War.

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auto-translate 战时混凝土飞机维修机库混凝土的飞机维修机库被作为存储棚期间用于保护数量不断减少的日军飞机在太平洋战争中的空袭。他们用来保存为看似即将到来的 '决战' 飞机在日本本土。作为战斗恶化,大约 30 混凝土机库和 30 开放粘土机库建在周围 1994年短时间。陆军空军和一家建筑公司主要开展的这些飞机棚建设。此外在努力调动本地园艺组和大量的初中学生。滑行道,混凝土机库被修造和飞机都是由内部绳索拉的人。在 Musashinomori 公园和府中市,两个 Chohu 机场附近,仍然可以看到两个具体的飞机维修机库。Musashinomori 公园的混凝土机库被保存作为太平洋战争的记忆中具有历史意义的对象。

大沢1号 掩体壕
 太平洋戦争 における戦況が悪化する昭和19年(1944年)頃から、コンクリート製掩体壕約30基(有蓋)と土塁で作ったコの字型の掩体壕(無蓋)約30基の約60基が短期間に造られました。建設は主に陸軍と建設会社があたり、地元の植木組合や中学生も大勢動員されました。


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