The Castle Walls of Ushimi



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The Castle Walls of Ushimi

The castle walls of Nakijin are solidly constructed with grey limestone rocks from an early period. These layers of castle walls that separate different wards take advantage of the slope of the castle grounds and function as parapets or fortification from incoming attack. On the outer side of the walls are protrusions that are placed at regular intervals, which allowed the castle guards to attck from the side or from an angle, any enemies attempting to storm the castle. Further, in the Omoro-Soshi, the compendium of ancient Ryukyu songs and rituals, the winding castle walls with curves like that of folding screens, are referred as "momomagari, tsumi, agete." This phrase describes tha curved tiers and winding lengths of the stones of the Nakijin Castle walls. This photograph of the Ushimi wall was the taken at around the beginning of the Showa era, in the late 1920s. Most of the Nakijin Castle walls are from the original construction, as Nakijin Castle was spared from the bombardment of the Battle of Okinawa during World War II.

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现在今归仁城堡墙壁是旧灰色建期间石灰石与坚固耐用。通过使用一个缓坡,沿街道到链中一遍又一遍。这个构想,到预测,以建立开放空间以外的城墙和城墙攻击的一侧或对角-制作 ;折叠屏幕像波浪是冲绳县的老民歌"奥莫罗 sōshi'"大腿父岛、 夏海、 和打开 ' 和现在今归仁城堡墙壁传达堆积几百首歌曲和诵经的外观,蜿蜒砌石。摄影是大隅城墙的早期的昭和时代。逃离战争现在今归仁城堡城墙,和许多原始城墙。

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 今帰仁城跡の城壁は、ねずみ色の古期石灰岩で堅牢に築かれています。なだらかな斜面地を利用して幾重にも連鎖的に連なっています。城壁の外側に一定の間隔をあけて突出部を築くことで、城壁にせまる敵を横、あるいは斜めから攻撃できるように工夫された作りになっています。さらに、屏風型に波打つ様は沖縄の古謡「おもろさうし」に『もゝまかり、つみ、あけて』とあり、今帰仁城跡の城壁 を百曲がりに積み上げてと謡い、蛇行する石積みの様子を伝えています。写真は昭和始め頃の大隅城壁です。戦災を逃れた今帰仁城 跡の城壁は、その多くがオリジナルの城壁となっています。



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