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auto-translate High altitude survey of hand washing stone of samurai shrine No. 500 Sesaki cho, Soka city The first year of Keio (1865) The symbol of "*" engraved on a handwash stone with an inscription is called "height measurement survey" Indicates the water mark. When the interior survey between Tokyo and Shiogama was conducted under the guidance of a surveying technician invited from the UK for one year from August 1876 (1876) Geographical Dormitory of the Ministry of Interior, one Torii (now, This sign was engraved on the hand wash stone which was placed aside the Shimo Asama Company in the premises of the premises of Soka branch near the East Japan Bank. At that time, we did not set up new level of surveying, mainly used existing stone products. Two areas are also confirmed in the city area. When this watermark is engraved, the altitude is 3.93 meters. The base point of the survey was Linguishima Island (present Shinagawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), and the average tide level there was set to zero meters. After that, in Meiji 17 (1884), the surveying department was absorbed by the surveying department of the Army Ministry Chief of Staff in Germany and the survey result by the Ministry of the Interior was never used. Since then, handwash stones also moved to the Meiji 40s (1907 - 1912) and Showa 7 - year (1932), and marks also show signs of falling off, but this symbol is valuable data on the surveying history I will. March, 2002 Soka City Board of Education

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auto-translate 武士手洗石的高海拔测量500日元佐贺市绍崎町庆应义塾的第一年(1865年)用名字在手洗石上刻上的“*”号被称为“高低调查”指示水印。在1876年8月(1876年)内政部的地理宿舍,在东京和盐灶之间进行的内部调查是在英国邀请的测量技术人员的指导下进行的,在东日本银行附近的索卡分店的房屋的房屋内,将这个标志刻在Shimo Asama公司旁边的手洗石上。当时我们没有建立起新的测量水平,主要是用现有的石材产品。市区也确定了两个地区。当这个水印被雕刻,海拔是3.93米。调查的基点是林岛岛(现东京中央区品川),平均潮位设置为零米。之后,在明治17年(1884年),测量部门被德国陆军部参谋部的测量部门吸收,内政部的调查结果从未被使用过。从那以后,洗手石也搬到了明治40年代(1907年 - 1912年)和昭和7年(1932年),标志也显示出脱落的迹象,但这个标志是有关测量历史的宝贵资料我会的。 2002年3月草冈市教育委员会


 慶応元年(1865)銘のある手洗石に刻まれている「*」の記号は、「高低測量几号」といい、水準点 を示します。


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