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auto-translate Dynamic Ming statue and pavers stone pagodas
Bridge on the shakujii River that existed in the late Edo period, was through the old road from Saitama road (saitamamichi) in Shin Sakuradai station area for the current branch extends to the Northwest, Fuji leading to big mountain (ooyamamichi) (田中道). Acala (fudoumyouou) sitting in the middle is the bunsei period (granularity) 4 years, heading (18 d one) to 2/28 old down Nerima village 早淵 (hayabuchi) (current early Palace 2-Chome and early part of temple k. 3.4 chome) of that was erected by the Buddha speak.
On the front is engraved and built a fudo, and pray for the safety of the villagers Revere &. Headed, paving stone (shikiishi) Memorial Tower on the right is the Kansei (Kansei) 4 years (179 d) leap to 2/11 8, grooves in erected by the nembutsu anytime, then in February first (KAZ) 3 years (1803), Palace months yato (miyagayato) (current early part of 3.4 Chome and part of Nerima 3.4 chome) of donated money three minute Gen Satoru (玄覺) who also has carved.
Sanskrit characters (bonnji), representing the fudo at the top in front of the "Kahneman)" of the word is engraved, carved and erected and dedicated marts stone (shikiishi) Memorial Tower and under. According to legend, Sagami Oyama (Oyama) (Kanagawa isehara) season was taking purifying ablutions here is called.
I can see Palace months yato and 早淵 people at one end of the "bridge", and to pray for the traffic safety to road and bridge paving stones, was established.
7/2012 Nerima City Board of education

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auto-translate 动态明雕像和摊铺机石塔
石神井河,在江户末期存在,是通过从埼玉县路 (saitamamichi) 在 Shin Sakuradai 站地区的旧道路为当前分支延伸到西北,富士通往大山 (ooyamamichi) (田中道) 上的桥梁。
阿卡拉 (fudoumyouou) 坐在中间是悲情期 (粒度) 4 年的标题 (18 d 一) 2/28 旧下来练马区的村庄早淵 (hayabuchi) (当前早期宫 2 丁目和早期的寺 k.3.4 丁目的一部分),建成佛所说。 前面是刻和基础上不动,祈求的村民里维尔安全 &。
领导,铺路石 (shikiishi) 的一座纪念碑,右边是到 2/11 8,槽中的感性 (感性) 4 年 (179 d) 飞跃竖立的任何时候,念阿弥陀佛然后在 2 月第一次 (哈萨克斯坦) 3 年 (1803 年),宫月陶瓷业 (miyagayato) (当前早期 3.4 丁目和一部分的练马 3.4 丁目) 的捐献钱三分钟创悟 (玄覺) 也有雕刻的人。 梵文字符 (bonnji),表示在最前面"卡尼曼)"一词不动是刻、 雕刻和竖立和专用的集市石 (shikiishi) 纪念塔下。
根据传说,相模大山 (大山) (神奈川县伊势原) 季节正在净化沐浴在这里被称为。 我可以看到宫月陶瓷业和早淵人另一端的"桥梁",和祈祷为交通安全的道路和桥梁的铺路石,成立了。



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