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auto-translate Light city designated cultural property type Sun koshin Tower (Nikko unto this shinntou)
Type of cultural assets (buildings)
-Number of employees-7 based Plate pieces in the sunlight-Tower in upper left Monday, called Samjonsang, ticking, "the Bong Shin circumcising koshin shomen Kongo Memorial 攸" inscription, carved characters at the top center. 2 monkeys praying, facing each other at the top, called Samjonsang and the Lotus flower on the bottom.
Koshin Tower of this format is more sunlight district, although not sure since 0/1682 (1682). 7 base was built during the 0/1680 (1680) from 0/1662 (1662) in this environment is specified. 6/1662 Inari river flood and I spilt out Inari-Cho was on the other side, had a large number of victims.
You can see and "kanbun 2 Mibu Tiger years South Lu 19," and signature a year later, visiting this town moved to the memorial tower was built in August.
Suggests that built every year to 0/1680 from 0/1666, was hoping the peaceful town of people.
Specify 3/2006 Sun City Board of education

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auto-translate 指定光市文化属性类型太阳 koshin 塔 (日航你们这 shinntou)
类型的文化资产 (建筑物)
-雇员 7 基于数量
板件阳光塔在左上角星期一,称为 Samjonsang,滴答作响,"邦 Shin 割礼 koshin 正面金刚纪念攸"石刻,在顶部的中心人物。 2 猴子祷告的时候,面对彼此在顶部,呼吁底部的 Samjonsang 和莲花。 这种格式的 Koshin 塔是更多的阳光区,虽然不能确定自 0/1682年 (1682)。
7 基地始建于明朝 0/1680年 (1680) 从 0/1662年 (1662) 在这种环境中指定。 6/1662 Inari 河洪水和我洒的出来 Inari 町是另一边,有大量的受害者。 你可以看到,"kanbun 2 三生虎年南方路 19,"和签名一年后,前往这个小镇搬到了一座纪念碑始建于 8 月。
表明,建立了每年向 0/1680年 0/1666,希望人们平静的小镇。
指定 2006 年 3 月

日光市指定文化財 日光型庚申塔(にっこうがたこうしんとう)
 日光型庚申塔の特徴は板駒型で上部左右に日月を陽刻し、中央上部に梵字を彫り、銘文に「奉信禮庚申青面金剛供養攸」などと刻む。さらに、上部に向かい合って合掌する二猿が陽刻され、下部に蓮華が刻まれている。この形式の庚申塔 は日光地区に多くみられるが、天和二年(一六八二)以降は確認されていない。


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