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ocr-generated Background of this Statue of Shinran Shonin
The aspirant and donor of this traveling image of Shinran Shonin was Mr. Yenan Numata
the founder of Mitutoyo Corporation which is the world's largest manufacturer and sales of
Precision measuring tools and instruments, and also the founder of Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai which
provides the book *The Teaching of Buddha to hotels throughout the world.
Mr. Numata lived his life appreciating the Buddha's benevolence and wanted to share the
ideals of the Buddhas teachings. He firmly believed that true peace could be brought about by
perfecting human beings and that this is the objective of the Buddha's teaching
The person, who was affectionately called The Old Man Numata in his later years. was born
The son of a Buddhist priest in Hiroshima. Hiroshima is a well-known area for its famous
Monto Jodo Shinshu followers in Aki Province. He sirove for spreading the Buddha- dharma
throughout his life.
Mr. Numata's aspiration was like that of Shinran Shonin who said in his poem
* Ondoku-san:
Such is the benevolence of Amida's great compassion,
That we must strive to return it, even to the breaking point of our bodies:
Such is the benevolence of the masters and true teachers,
That we must endeavor to repay it, even to our bones becoming dust.
Shinran Shonin's teaching is the ultimate form of Mahayana Buddhism that teaches
liberation for everyone equally by enabling them to attain buddhahood through birth in the Pure
Land. This is made possible by entrusting in the Amida Tathagatas compassionate Vow to save all
forms of life as they are without any conditions, leading all to live this present life in gratitude and
この親書『人行脚の御姿を銅像として建立なされたのは 精密測定機器の総合メーカー
裏範新は「世界の平和は人間の完成によってのみ得られる 人間の完成をめざす宗教に
仏教がある」との深い信念から 仏教の説く共存共生の教えを世界に弘めるべく仏思
恵範剤は安芸門徒て有名な広島の真宗寺院に生を受け 幼少から培われたご自身の信仰
の慶びから 仏教を弘めようとその生涯を文字通り一心不乱粉骨砕身の精進を重ねられ
親書聖人のみ教えは阿弥陀如来の「無条件にすべてのいのちを ありのままに故って行
ける仏になりましょう」という大悲の願いによって信心を恵まれ 感謝と悲鬼の念仏を申
す人生を歩み 浄土で真のさどりに至る 三世十方あらゆる人びとが平等に救われて行く
無明頃悩に迷い修行も出来ず 戒律も守れず 悲しみの中に終わって行くいのちがそ
の我執の殻を破ってくださる大悲報量の光明に出遇うとき ささえられ ゆるされ 生か
されている大感に目覚め カ強くたくましく伝道報討の生涯を歩むのてあります
この親雲聖人銅像を建立された患範翁は 正にそういうお方でありました
美ら海(ちゅらうみ)を崖下に一望する 真栄田 美留(まえだ びる)京のこの地は あの
代「世の中安穏なれ」と頼われた親総聖人の御姿を拝し 共存共生の平和なる世界を頼
いつつ 心を合わせ共に手を携えて この地より世界に向けて その尊い悲願を発信い
発願建立者 沼 田
合 掌
宗 信
When those of us, who are lost in the world of darkness, who are unable to perform religious
Practice, and who are living aimlessly in sorrow, encounter the Infinite Light of Compassion that
breaks the hard shell of the false self. come to the true realization that we are being sustained,
forgiven for our shortcomings, and even accepted just as we are, then we will be enabled to live a
life of spreading the Dharma in gratitude with true strength and courage.
The individual who donated this statue was indeed a man as described above,
This place called Maedabiru from which we can see the entire Churaumi is a very meaningful
Spot for this statue, where a battery of heavy guns was set up to protect the bay during the tragic
Okinawa battle of World War I.
Warfare is continuing unabated throughout the world and we are living with grave anxieties
such as environmental destruction issues. As we look at this statue of Shinran Shonin, let all of us
together share the same vision and dream as Shinran Shonin did, seeking worldwide peace based on
the truth of coexistence, and send out this noble wish from this site to the world.
て この地なの容を再し 共待本に深刻な不安。
8April 2006
Shoshin Kie, Monument donor


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