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Up until the 1960s, this area was known as Kanda-Matsuedacho. It is said the name derives from that of an old maid, Matsugae, who once worked in the inner palace of Edo Castle. The land in this area was granted to her to use as a residence, and began being called by this name in around 1705. Up until the Edo Period, it is said that there was a charming pond here called Otamagaike.

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Asato Izumi, columnist This area was called and Kanda-Matsue town until the introduction of the 0/1965. Matsueda. Matsugae ooku Edo Castle was, not mean that the land was PinY, the old woman in the name came from, there is a theory.
Say? was a very talented person, land of this region was given to her as the House, became the name of the town from 0/1705 (1705). Using old Matsue town per the Edo, until there seemed to be a large pond of otamagaike pond. From cherry blossom was originally ' cherry pond "and called the Teahouse was built by the pond. Otama is in the name of the draw at this restaurant was, according to yedo meisho Zue and when ' personality also shape the same customer becomes two men ' ladle in her mind, worried about the pond had poured himself. The corpse was buried on the shores of the pond, named from such legendary said.
Currently, ladle Inari that Yukari's mansion between alone remains. Scenic and ladle in the pond area, lived in many Edo literati or scholar. Their professors from Ito Gen Pak, one dedicated to the 0/1858 (1858), establish a vaccination Center (later becoming and the vaccination of the shogunate Government). This ladle is the vaccination Center is the starting point for now Tokyo University School of medicine, said said.
Monument documenting vaccination center mark is at the crossroads of the town and South of little Kashima Bill (is on the first floor is a wholesaler of goods). Found the viewpoint of thoroughly exploring the surroundings, also leave "ladle" image "property". The ladle hot bath. Soak in a hot bath house building on the first floor, but a ladle of the bygone days pond landscape is thought not so when floating. To eel restaurant and it is another, right in front of the shutojyo ruins monument signs, ball pond. be found a menu. So far, tasted it's grappling otama, eel's head with the fried delicacy. Drawn to shop ahead of Edo meisho otamagaike pond said of has arranged to gave its name and is decorated with miniature pond.

Incidentally this shop's 0/1845 (1845) established stores began at that time, already otamagaike pond reclaimed from the is or was said. Chiyoda-ku, street name derived from plate Iwamoto two pine branches town meeting

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auto-translate 安达 Matsuedacho直到 20 世纪 60 年代,这一领域被称为神田 Matsuedacho。据说这个名字来自那一个老处女曾任职于江户城堡内宫。在这一领域土地被授予她居住的地方,使用,和开始被叫这名字约 1705 年。到江户时代,据说是一个迷人的池塘,这里被称为 Otamagaike。自动翻译分离政府 400 年神田町松江专栏作家这一领域被称为笠户泉和神田松江镇直到 0/1965 年引进。松枝。德川江户城堡,不意味着这片土地是 PinY,老年妇女生活中的名称来自于,有一种理论。说吗?是一个非常有才华的人,这一地区的土地被给了她作为房子,成为了从 0/1705 年城镇的名字 (1705)。使用每江户的松江古城,直到似乎 otamagaike 池塘里的一个大池塘。从樱花原本 ' 樱桃池塘"和被称为茶馆建成坐在池塘边。奥塔马是名义在这画的餐厅,据 yedo 名所李雪和当 '人格也形状相同客户成为两个男人' 钢包在她心里,担心池塘已经给自己倒了。尸体被埋葬在池塘里,名叫来自说这种传说中的海岸。目前,钢包 Inari 那由香里大厦之间单独仍然存在。景区和钢包在池塘的面积,居住在许多江户文人或学者。他们的教授从 Ito Gen 朴,一个致力于 0/1858 年 (1858 年),建立中心 (后来成为和幕府政府接种疫苗) 接种流感疫苗。这个包是的接种中心是为起点,现在东京大学医学院临床医学专业,说说。纪念碑记录疫苗接种中心标记是在十字路口的小镇和南部小鹿岛比尔 (位于第一层是一个批发商的货物)。发现彻底探索周围的环境的观点,也留下"勺子"图像"属性"。钢包的热水澡。泡在洗热水澡的房子在一楼,但昔日塘景观一瓢以为不可这样当浮动。鳗鱼的餐厅,和它是另一种,正前方的 shutojyo 遗址纪念碑迹象,球池。找到一个菜单。到目前为止,尝到了它的格斗奥塔马,用油炸美味鳗鱼的头。吸引到店前江户名所 otamagaike 池塘说已安排给它的名字和装饰着微型池塘。顺便说一句这店 0/1845年 (18 时 45) 建立的商店开始在那个时候,otamagaike 池塘已经从回收是或者说。千代田区街道名称源自板 Iwamoto 两松枝城镇会议

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