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auto-translate Mark butt ink 僊 school (private school)
Numajiri ink 僊 (1775-1856) 平神 precinct of Mikoto in school "when XI Shinsaibashi" opening of the Edo period, 0/1804 (1803), should be. Ink 僊 is in issue, to name one, called tsuneharu. Established as no. 9 of Nakamura Osamu associate engaged in medicines manufactured in the shuku town, soon became 町医 Numajiri stone cow adoption after birth.
Open school, undertook to educate children of the neighborhood. Ink 僊 has studied under OTA heaven Tin (Tsuchiura Lord), and uncle Numajiri, Shuhei (land and chapters) to learn penmanship.
And Chinese poetry, calligraphy and painting, astronomy and geography, bright, represents the Earth world illustrated (cultural assets), Ansei d (1855), known as umbrella-globe "and large globe" (cultural assets) production and publication. In the heaven Chapter Hall and renamed after the school advanced education, such as the read without construing were made based on an extensive knowledge of Mexico 僊 as well as read/write.
Introduction until his death in 0/1856 ink 僊 children constantly, said his pupils, over 600 people.
Ink 僊's death, the school is joint child Mexico Lake (on the road), followed by 0/1871 (1871).
March, 0/2014 (2014) Tsuchiura City Board of education

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auto-translate 马克的屁股油墨僊学校 (私立学校)

Numajiri 油墨僊 (1775年-1856 年) 平神分局的命在学校"当溪心斋桥"开放的江户时代,0/1804年 (1803 年),应该是。
油墨僊在发给名称之一,叫做经治。 建立作为号 9 中村裕子小寒的准从事的药品制造的珠玖镇,很快成为了町医 Numajiri 石牛通过出生后。 打开学校,进行了教育孩子的附近。
油墨僊研究了 OTA 天下锡 (土浦主) 和叔叔 Numajiri,修平 (土地和章节) 学习书法。 中国诗歌、 书法和绘画、 天文和地理,明亮,代表着地球世界说明 (文化资产),安赛尔 d (1855 年),称为伞全球"和巨大的地球仪"(文化资产) 生产和出版。
在天堂章节大厅和重命名后学校先进的教育,如读书不解释基础上,提出广泛的知识的墨西哥僊以及读/写。 直到他的死亡在 0/1856年油墨僊儿童介绍不断,说他的学生,超过 600 人。
油墨僊的死亡,学校是联合孩子墨西哥湖 (在路上),其次是 0/1871年 (1871 年)。
今年 3 月,0/2014年 (2014 年)


 墨僊は号で、名を一貞、常治と称した。田宿町で薬種製造を営む中村治助 の第九子として誕生し、生後まもなく町医沼尻石牛 の養子となった。長じて塾を開き、近隣の子らの教育にあたった。


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