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auto-translate Miya (Emiko) Shrine Episode Ephesians Shogunate festival November 19th Shimane prefecture 47th pyeong main building Fudo cupping board board shrimp giraffe copper plating board shrine homepage shop Copper board roofing pearl Masashi Nagasawa Norikazu Masuhiro Ms. Fumiko Fudan History of history The main festival god who reads Nishinomiya Shrine as Hikiko Shrine and the book "Ebisu" is a god that appears in the Izumo myth with the main god of the times, with the power of the Amaterasu Ogami as the father and advocating the offering of the national land to the power of the great country. As a private faith, Ebisu was a faithful god of fishermen as it is understood by seeing by holding a fish rod on a shoulder and hunting finger clothing on a hat, as it is believed as a god spirit that brings life to the guardian happiness However, when it is celebrated as an agricultural God / commercial god, it becomes a representative lucky god alongside Daikokuto as a Seven Lucky God. According to Tochigi Prefectural Shrine Magazine here, Nishinomiya Shrine here is the beginning of what I suggested to Sano Negoya Aoyagi (now Tochimoto) 486 years ago from now, from 1523 to the beginning of Karasawa Castle Sano Sorori Festival , As the castle of Karasawa moves to Kasugaoka (Shiroyama park), it is celebrated at the Higashiwa residence. Keicho Mayu (1600) The castle owner Nobukichi Sano was forfeited by the stone forty nine thousand stones, was expelled to Shinshu Matsumoto and became a territorial ward of the shogunate (the captain), but three years in 1616 Mr. Masazumi Ueno castle Honda Motomu Uenoshi interchange, the following three Yosuwa three-year company will be converted to Aso Numagokubo by the Ordinance of Masazumi (present location) Then 1939 (Showa nine) From now for seventy-five years Last rebuilt in the previous October · Total construction cost · Gold 5,800 yen 4 rounds 440 yen to reach the present. On November 19th at the festival November 19th, Ebisu lecture flourishes from the nearby town of Ebisu Kei Heisei revamped in Heisei 21 (2009) October Yoshida Senwari Box (five-sided one size) Hinoki copper plate Ibuki Kai history stainless steel Bulletin Board (2 units) Suzuichi Tenmyo Castler (Wakabayashi) Taiko Refitting

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auto-translate Miya(Emiko)Shrine Episode Ephesians Shogunate festival 11月19日岛根县47th pyeong主楼Fudo拔罐板虾长颈鹿镀铜板神社主页店铜板屋顶珍珠Masashi Nagasawa Norikazu Masuhiro Fumiko Fudiko历史的历史作为Hikiko Shrine阅读西宫神社的主要节日神和“惠比寿”这本书是出现在与时代主神的出云神话中的神,以Amaterasu Ogami作为父亲的力量,并主张向伟大国家的力量提供国家土地。作为一个私人信仰,惠比寿是一个忠实的渔民之神,因为它通过在肩膀上拿着一根鱼竿和在帽子上狩猎手指衣服来看待它,因为它被认为是为监护人的幸福带来生命的神灵。然而,当它被称为农业上帝/商业之神时,它成为代表性的幸运神,与Daikokuto一起作为七个幸运的上帝。根据栃木县立神社杂志在这里,西宫神社这里是486年前从建于1923年至Karasawa Castle Sano Sorori Festival开始时向Sano Negoya Aoyagi(现在的Tochimoto)建议的开始随着Karasawa的城堡搬到春日冈(城山公园),在Higashiwa住宅庆祝。 Keicho Mayu(1600)城堡老板Nobukichi Sano被石头扔掉了四万九千块石头,被驱逐到Shinshu Matsumoto并成为幕府的领土(船长),但在1616年三年Masazumi Ueno先生城堡本田Motomu Uenoshi交流,以下三个Yosuwa三年公司将被Masazumi条例(现在的位置)转换为Aso Numagokubo然后1939年(昭和九)从现在起七十五年最后一次重建在去年10月·总建筑成本·金5,800日元4轮440日元到达目前。在11月19日11月19日的节日,惠比寿的演讲从附近的惠比寿平平镇改造在平成21(2009)十月吉田森瓦里盒子(五面一体)桧木铜板伊基凯历史不锈钢公告牌(2个单位)Suzuichi Tenmyo Castler(Wakabayashi)Taiko改装

西宮(蛭子)神社 えびす様
主祭神 事代主神  例祭 十一月十九日
本殿 流造銅板葺  幣殿 切妻造銅板葺  拝殿 入母屋造銅板葺
宮司 永澤宣浩 氏子五二〇戸
そもそも西宮神社蛭子神社 と書「えびす」と読む主祭神は事代主神で出雲神話に現れる神で、大国主命 を父として天照大神 の命を受け国土の献上を大国主命に進言する。民間信仰としては、生業を守護幸福をもたらす神霊として信仰されその姿は、烏帽子に狩衣指貫を付け、釣竿を肩に鯛を抱えて姿をみても分かる様に恵比寿は漁民の信仰神であったが、いつの頃か農業神・商業神として祭られ、七福神 として大黒天と並び代表的福の神となる。当地西宮神社は「栃木県神社誌 」によると大永三年(# 1523年)今から四八六年前、佐野根古屋青柳 (今の栃本)に勧請したのが始まり唐沢城主 佐野盛綱 が祭るその後、唐沢の居城が春日岡(城山公園 )に移るに伴い、東組屋敷に祭る。慶長五年(# 1600年)城主佐野信吉 は、所領三万九千石を没収され、信州松本へ追放され幕府直轄領(天領 )となったが、元和二年(# 1616年)三九三年前小山城主本多上野介正純 に給れ、翌元和三年社は正純の令により阿蘇沼北久保に所替となる(現在地)
平成の 改装 平成二十一年(# 2009年)十月吉日
 賽銭箱(五尺一寸)檜 銅板いぶし
 由緒沿革ステンレス掲示板(二基) 鈴 一尺  天明鋳物師(若林)  太鼓 張替え


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