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auto-translate It is not clear when the valley park Yamatani Hori was dug, but probably it was probably made in the early Edo period from the relationship with Yuri Yoshihara of Edo. About 7000 meters pouring Sumidani moat from the pumping station of Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Waterworks to the Sumida River, originated from Otogawa River in Kita Ward, passed through the north side of Asuka and under the prince&39;s authority. At that time, this moat was one of the way to Yoshiwara. Since it passes through Yamuiya moat, it says alias Yoshihiro Yoshihara, also known as Yametani. Tailoring the faucet and ship, for example, the recreation that uses this course was regarded as luxurious, it was exactly playing with you all the time. From the upstream side of the moat was Nippon Koibashi, regional bridge, region Shimbashi, Pitlash Bridge, Sanya Horibashi, Shosoji Bridge, Yoshino Bridge, Sentenbashi, Imado Bridge and Nine Bridges, but with the landfill all It has been removed, and only the abutment has left the old features. Currently it is in place as a park with a relaxing water and green.

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auto-translate 目前还不清楚山谷公园的大谷谷堀是什么时候被挖掘出来的,但很可能是江户时代早期的江户时代的吉野百合的关系。从东京都自来水局泵站到隅田川的隅田川约7000米,起源于北区大洞河,经过飞鸟北侧,在王子的权限之下。当时,这条护城河是吉原的途径之一。由于它通过Yamuiya护城河,它说别名Yoshihiro吉原,也被称为Yametani。例如,调整水龙头和船,使用这个过程的娱乐被认为是豪华的,它一直在与你一起玩。护城河的上游侧是日本桥本町,地域性桥梁,地区新桥,皮特拉斯桥,山阳堀桥,正硕桥,吉野大桥,千本桥,今都桥,九桥等。它已被删除,只有基台留下了旧的特点。目前它是作为一个轻松的水和绿色公园的地方。


 当時、この堀は吉原への通路の一つであった。山谷堀を通るので吉原通いを別名、山谷通いともいった。猪牙船などを仕立てて このコースを使う遊興はぜいたくとされ、まさにおだいじん遊びだった。堀の上流の方から日本堤橋、地方橋、地方新橋、紙洗橋、山谷堀橋、正法寺橋、吉野橋、聖天橋、今戸橋と九つの がかけられていたが、埋立に伴いすべて取り除かれており、橋台のみが昔の面影を残している。


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