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auto-translate Book 26 Saint's landing site
Nagasaki, donated to the Jesuit society of 0/1587 (1587) six months, chikuzen hakozaki by Toyotomi Hideyoshi decided to Kyushu each daimyo of the sealing area, but on that occasion to hear furious, banned the yaso教 (Christian) missionary work for the first time.
After that, 0/1596 (1596) September, sealed vessel San = feriba said the issue and then drifted to the Tosa, the Christian missionaries in the colonization of its forerunner.
Hideyoshi heard it more strictly Christian prohibition and captured missionaries in November in the same year was in Kyoto, Osaka and followers 24 people, 引ki回shita of Osaka, Sakai City off ears. Execution was in Nagasaki.
The reason had been with many followers.
Joined the followers that both want to row in Okayama, 1/9/1597, Sakai, starting two of them.
Party of 26 is a bound neck and hands, from SANYO Expressway through the Karatsu 2/4 he arrived in. Over the Omura Bay by boat, arrived at tokitsu was in 11 o'clock of the middle of the night.
Cold snowy night, it endure hunger fatigue, while boat overnight spend the next February 5 (lunar calendar in 12/19 0/1596 is not over yet) lends itself to the Nagasaki early in the morning, was crucified at nishizaka execution grounds 5:00 PM.
Is now engraved on nishizaka wall.
Breakdown of the martyr is Franciscan missionary six, Jesuit Paul Miki 3 people, 17 people in, made to the column of the Saints in 1862. Tokitsu-Cho Education Committee

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长崎,捐给耶稣会社会 0/1587 年 (1587) 六个月,筑前的箱崎由丰臣秀吉九州决定每个密封的区域,但在那个场合听到激烈的大名,禁止 yaso教 (基督徒) 传教工作第一次。
之后,0/1596年 (1596) 9 月,密封容器圣 = feriba 说,这一问题,然后漂到土佐犬,基督教的传教士在殖民化它的先行者。
丰臣秀吉听到它更严格基督教禁止捕获的传教士,在同年 11 月,在京都、 大阪和追随者 24 人,大阪,掉耳朵 Sakai 市引ki回shita。
加入追随者们都想在冈山,行 1/9/1597,Sakai,开始他们的两个。
26 方是绑定的颈部和手上的,从三洋高速公路通过唐津 2/4,他抵达。
在大村湾乘船,到达藤桔在 11 上午的半夜。寒冷的雪夜,它忍受饥饿疲劳,而船一夜之间花下 2 月 5 日 (阴历 12/19 0/1596年还没有结束) 本身到长崎大清早的时候,被钉十字架在 nishizaka 执行理由 5:0 下午。
现在 nishizaka 墙上刻。
烈士击穿是方济各会的传教士六、 耶稣会 Paul Miki 3 人,17 人,在 1862 年向圣徒的列。

 天正十五年(1587)六月、豊臣秀吉 は筑前の筥崎で、九州各大名の封域を決めたが、その折に長崎の地がイエスズ会 に寄進されているのを聞き激怒して、はじめてヤソ教キリスト教)の布教を禁止した。
 翌1597 年一月九日、堺を出発させ、岡山で行を共にしたいという信者二人が加わった。
 殉教者の内訳は、フランシスコ会 宣教師六人、イエズス会のパウロ三木ら三人、信者十七人で、1862 年聖人の列に加えられた。


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