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auto-translate Old honbo front gate and root in the Hall Pug-ugly
This Pug-ugly is what currently is known by the common name of the "Black Gate", had been placed at kan'eiji Temple honbo old gate (national designated tangible cultural property). The front gate historic honbo Amami healer himself, in the first year of the kan'ei Temple of kan'ei-ji Temple was built, was at the gates of the Amami itself, where dwelt the rinno-ji Temple Palace of so-called. This gate is from the Showa era 12 years now the Tokyo National Museum and moved to the local, was repaired by demolition repairing was done from 0/2010.
While present Pug-ugly dating is unknown at this time of the "UN" is older than "ASIN" form, had no trace of bird sliding doors attached to the existing Pug-ugly the parts ago joining Bird sliding doors (toribusuma) (on the Pug-ugly long warped, protruding cylindrical tiles) was established on the East side are known. For "ASIN"-was on the East side was past-life repair and Western architectural fit adapted, giving a new breath to gate.

This repair as K I will be exhibited here, combined with a pug-ugly Sakae Osamu root was on the roof of the Hall.
◆ former honbo gate Pug-ugly "ASIN" form
Height 113 cm x width 118 cm
◆ kanei-ji Temple Foundation in Hall Pug-ugly

248 cm (height) x 325 cm width Kanei-ji Temple indoctrination Department

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auto-translate 老弘博前门和中厅的哈巴狗丑根
这帕格丑陋是目前所熟知的"黑门"的常见名称已在 kan'eiji 寺弘博老门口 (国家指定有形文化财产)。
前门历史弘博奄美医治者本人,kan'ei 的 kan'ei 寺寺建成之后,第一年是奄美本身,门口在哪里住的所谓从集镇庙宫。 这门是从昭和 12 年现在东京国立博物馆和搬到了当地,拆除修复修复进行 2010 年 0 月。 而目前帕格丑约会是未知在这时间"UN"是比"阿信"形式,已经没有一丝的鸟滑动门附加到现有的哈巴狗丑前加入部分鸟 (在帕格-丑长扭曲,突出圆柱瓷砖) 滑动门 (toribusuma) 成立在东上一面都知晓。
为"阿信"-是的东侧侧是前世的修复和西方建筑适合改编,给门口的新气息。 作为 K 我将展示在这里,帕格丑荣手冢治根结合了此修复在大厅的屋顶上。

◆ 前弘博门帕格丑"阿信"窗体
高度 113 厘米 x 宽 118 厘米
◆ 兼井吉寺基金会在大厅的哈巴狗丑
248 厘米 (高度) x 325 厘米、 宽


旧本坊表門根本中堂 鬼瓦
 旧本坊表門は寛永初年に、寛永寺 の開山である天海大僧正 自身が建てたものであり、天海自身をはじめ、いわゆる歴代の輪王寺宮 が住まわれた場所の門でした。この門は、昭和十二年現在の東京国立博物館の地から現地に移築され、平成二十二年から行われた解体修理によって修復されました。この時の調査により、現鬼瓦の制作年代は不明ながら、東側の「阿」形より「吽」形が古いこと、かつては、鳥襖(とりぶすま)(鬼瓦の上に長く反って突き出した円筒状の瓦)を接合する部分が設けられていましたが、現存の鬼瓦には鳥襖を取り付けた痕跡がなかったことが分かっています。


寛永寺 教化部


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