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auto-translate Yoshitaka Taki residence residence Ebisu 4-chome No. 15 No. 1 Yoshitaka Nakata was born on August 1, 1923, at the Shibuya-cho character misspelling (now Ebisu 4-chome). Nakata family is a music family, the father&39;s chapter is famous as "composer of early spring" and is the first person who played pipe organ in Japan. My brother&39;s primary was also a composer, and he was a famous player of bassoon. At that time&39;s home, there was a piano, gramophone, record, the boyhood spent here early in a childhood enthusiastic about composing music familiar with music, and when ten years old he sang a song to Miki Dawani poems, that talent We are blossoming. The name of Yoshiki was named for his father&39;s chapter "The important thing for music is the honesty and pleasure of beautiful music". Yoshitaka joined Cuba Tsukuba Elementary School in April 1940 and after working at Aoyama Gakuin and Tokyo Music School, he will be a full-fledged composer after the war. The music of rejoice was filled with kindness and beauty, and healed the hearts of many people. As a representative, there are "memories of summer", "school of Meidaka", "cute hide and seeskabe", "cute autumn wearing", "snowy town", etc. As a representative composer in Japan, Numerous famous songs engraved deeply are still being held open with familiarity. In addition, I compiled many school songs and composed compositions for school songs by Nagato Elementary School (Showa Year 37) and Hanami Elementary School (Showa 28) in the district. My brother&39;s primary is also composing a school song of Kakuzuka Elementary School (Showa 35 years) which is a graduate school. Shibuya-ku Board of Education Committee Origin of the Park Name "Jing-ji Chi-an Autumn Park" is the name of "Kajika", it depends on the old town name used from January 1954 until July 1971. In addition, "Chi-an Autumn" is named for Nurika Nakata&39;s nursery rhyme "Chi-an Autumn found". Shibuya ward office civil engineering park section

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auto-translate 塔基直住房惠比寿丁目15日第1号约希瑙·纳卡达是1923年三年(1923年)8月1日,出生于涩谷町Ketsutsuka(现惠比寿四丁目)。中田的房子是在一个音乐世家的一章的父亲是著名的“早春车”的作曲家是谁首先在日本播放的管风琴的人。小学的弟弟也作曲家,有巴松名球员。当时的家里,有钢琴和留声机,唱片,如Kijika花的热情少年时代作曲家熟悉从一开始就在这里,把一首歌Rofu三木的诗歌的音乐,并成为十岁,天赋它开花。命名Kijika,章之父“的音乐最重要的事情,心中欢喜优美的音乐乖乖”从感觉命名。 Kijika被登记Kake的四月冢小学1930年(1930年),青山学院,通过音乐的东京校,将努力为战后全面的作曲家。 Kijika的音乐,虽然充满了柔情与美丽,是治愈了很多人的心。作为一个代表,“夏日的回忆”,“青鳉的学校”,“可爱的隐藏和追求”,还有诸如“小Akichi穿”,城市雪域”,因为谁代表日本的作曲家,在人们心中一些深刻的杰作是,与熟悉的一直还在Kuchizusama。此外,作曲家和众多的校歌,是由长YATO小学(1962年)Hatashiro小学(1953)的病房的校歌。而且初级兄弟,组成了校歌这是母校Kake的几个小学(1960年)。 “Keioka”从教育园名的涩谷区局Keioka小秋天的公园“是,这个名字取决于使用到7月1966年1928年一月的老城区的名字。此外,“小秋天”,是孩子们的歌曲命名的“小发现秋”的约希瑙·纳卡达。涩谷区役土木工程署公园科


 中田喜直 は、大正十二年(1923)八月一日、渋谷町字欠塚(現恵比寿四丁目)で生まれました。中田家は音楽一家で父の章は「早春賦」の作曲家として有名で、日本ではじめてパイプオルガン を演奏した人物です。兄の一次も作曲家で、ファゴットの名奏者でありました。当時の自宅には、ピアノや蓄音機、レコードがあり、喜直は早いうちから音楽に慣れ親しみ作曲に熱中する少年時代をここで過ごし、十歳になると三木露風の詩に曲をつけるなど、その才能を開花させています。



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