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auto-translate Monument to the ruins of the Kazehara Army Hospital Haebaru Village was built in 1953 to show the site of the Okinawa Army Hospital. The monument says, "The place of self-determination of more than 2,000 seriously ill patients," telling the dire situation at that time. However, as the postwar Battle of Okinawa research progressed, problems with the description were pointed out. It is not known whether the number of "more than 2,000" is the number of patients only or the number of hospital staff combined. In addition, the expression "self-determination" is an expression that seems to have chosen to die, but there are also patients who were drunk without knowing that it was poisoned milk, and patients who seemed to have died debilitatingly after being left with a little food. did. Despite these problems, the battlefield monuments built by local governments in the 1950s are rare, and you can see the origin of Haebaru, which later designated Japan&39;s first war ruins as a cultural property. Inquiries Haebaru Cultural Center TEL: 098-889-7399 Revised June 2021

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auto-translate 风原军医院遗址纪念碑 羽原村建于1953年,展示了冲绳军医院的遗址。碑上写着“2000余名重病患者自决之地”,讲述了当时的严峻形势。然而,随着战后冲绳战役研究的进展,描述的问题被指出。目前尚不清楚“2000多人”的数字是仅患者人数还是医院工作人员的总人数。此外,“自决”这个表达方式似乎是选择了死亡,但也有不知道是毒牛奶喝醉了的患者,以及被留下后似乎虚弱地死去的患者。很少的食物。做了。尽管存在这些问题,但在 1950 年代由当地政府建造的战场纪念碑很少见,您可以看到羽原的起源,它后来被指定为日本第一个战争遗址作为文化财产。咨询 羽原文化中心 TEL:098-889-7399 2021年6月改订

南風原陸軍病院壕址の碑 戦跡

 沖縄陸軍病院 の跡地を示すため、1953年に当時の南風原村が建立しました。碑には「重症患者二千余名自決の地」と記され、当時の悲惨な状況を伝えています。



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