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auto-translate The way to raise the battlefield Rice raising is a military term for "food transportation." The road for raising rice that still remains in Kogane Forest is not a road that was specially built during the Battle of Okinawa, but because it goes to nearby fields and places of worship such as in front of the Buddha in Kogane Forest (* 1), the surrounding area It was a mountain road that was used by the residents for a long time. The rice raising work was done by nurses and Himeyuri students in the early morning and evening. The rice prepared at the kitchen was filled up to about the 8th minute of the Ito barrel (18L) to make it for about 100 people. Two to four people carried a barrel weighing about 14 kg, and during the bombardment, they traveled a distance of several hundred meters one way from the Kiyatake village where the kitchen was located to the moat where each of them worked. * 1 One of the places of worship to pray for good health and illness at celebrations. During the war, it became a place to pray for war. Inquiries Haebaru Cultural Center TEL: 098-889-7399 Revised June 2021

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auto-translate 饲养战场的方式 稻米饲养是“粮食运输”的军事术语。仍然留在小金林的养米路不是冲绳战役期间专门修建的道路,而是因为它通往附近的田地和小金林佛像前的礼拜场所(* 1) , 周边地区 是居民长期使用的山路。早晚由护士和姬百合的学生共同完成水稻的培育工作。在厨房准备的米饭,在伊藤桶(18L)的第8分钟装满,可以容纳100人左右。两到四个人抬着一个约14公斤的桶,在轰炸中,他们从厨房所在的木屋村到他们每个人工作的护城河,走了几百米的距离。 * 1 在节日活动中祈求健康和疾病的礼拜场所之一。战争期间,这里成为祈求战争的地方。咨询 羽原文化中心 TEL:098-889-7399 2021年6月改订

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※1 健康祈願やお祝い行事で無病息災を祈る拝所の一つ。戦時中は戦争に関する祈願を行う場所になった。



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