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auto-translate Nigunni Sanctuaries and settlements such as worship places and Utaki are widely distributed around the Nakijin Castle Ruins. In addition to this, on the small hill that can be seen from the Nakijin castle ruins, gusukus such as Meemungsk and Tarragsk, which are supposed to be out of the castle, and the remains of stones piled up in a quadrangle have been confirmed although the detailed function has not been clarified. There are seven main masonry remains, and the best remaining remains is the remains called Shinigunni, which is located 200m north of the Nakijin Castle Ruins. Shinigunni has a lower tier of about 6m x 6m and an upper tier of about 4m x 4m, and is stacked in two tiers. The height is about 1.2m at the highest point, and you can see that it is dented in a circle in the center. On the west side of the masonry piled up in a square, a three-step stone staircase is attached. There is also a circular stone-base remains on the south side of Shinigunni, and it is thought that these two remains functioned as a set.

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auto-translate 今归仁城遗址周围广泛分布着二军神社和聚落,例如参拜场所和宇泷。除此之外,在今归仁城遗址可以看到的小山丘上,本应出城的Meemungsk和Tarragsk等古斯库和四边形堆积的石头遗迹也得到了确认。详细功能还没有说清楚。主要的石工遗迹有七处,最好的遗迹是位于今归仁城遗址以北200m处的名为“死国泥”的遗迹。 Shinigunni的下层约6m x 6m和上层约4m x 4m,分为两层,最高处高度约1.2m,可以看到它在中心。在方形堆砌的砖石西侧,附设三阶石梯。死国尼的南侧还有一处圆形的石基遗迹,推测这两处遗迹是一组。


 今帰仁城跡 の周辺には拝所や御嶽(うたき)などの聖域と集落が広い範囲で分布しています。
 主なもので7つの 石積遺構 があり、最も残りの良い遺構として今帰仁城跡の北側200mのところにあるシニグンニと称される遺構があります。
 シニグンニの南側には円形状の 石塁遺構 もあり、この2つの遺構はセットとして機能していたとも考えられています。


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