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auto-translate Former Musashino Dockyard The Musashino Dockyard is the largest in Japan between Yoshikawa and Misato (1974), following the Musashino Line&39;s opening of the Fuchu-Honmachi-Shinmatsudo area in 1973 (1973). It was born as a yard for freight trains with a maximum width of about 360 meters. The sorting and composition of the wagons was automated by the latest system at the time. The reading of the freight car number by the camera and the data of the destination are processed by computer, realizing significant labor saving. However, with the abolition of yard consolidation freight transport due to the deterioration of the management of the National Railways at that time, the function stopped functioning only ten years later, in 1984, and officially abolished in 1986. Was. In 1985 (1985) after the outage, Shin Misato Station opened between Yoshikawa and Misato due to an increase in the population along the line, but the platform of the upper and lower lines was set up 360 meters away across the yard, It was published in the Guinness Book of Records as "the station away from home in the world". After that, the track was removed and the ascending platform moved to the descending platform side in 1999 (1999). After the yard was abolished, the site was taken over by the National Railway Clearing Corporation in 1987 due to the privatization of the National Railways in 1987, and a competitive bidding on the site was held in 2006 (2006). A real estate company, etc. made a successful bid, divided the site into 12 blocks, and attracted large commercial facilities. In 2007 (2007), all blocks were collectively referred to as "Shin Misato Lara City", and in 2008 (2008), the house labeling was enforced. Later, large distribution warehouses and condominiums were built. (Reference Musashino Dockyard Construction Work Magazine, etc.) June 2014 Yoshinichi Railway JR

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auto-translate 前武藏野船坞武藏野线于1973年(1973年)武藏野线开通后,在日本的吉川和美里之间规模最大。它最初是货运火车的院子,最大宽度约为360米。当时的最新系统使货车的分类和组成实现了自动化。摄像头读取货运车号和目的地数据均由计算机处理,大大节省了人工。但是,由于当时国家铁路管理的恶化,取消了场站货运,该功能仅在十年后的1984年就停止运作,并于1986年正式废止。是。中断后的1985年(1985年),由于沿线人口增加,新三乡站在吉川和三乡之间开通,但上下两层的平台在院子中相距360米,它在吉尼斯世界纪录中被誉为“世界上远离家乡的车站”。之后,轨道被拆除,上升平台在1999年移至下降平台一侧(1999年)。院子被废除后,由于1987年国家铁路公司的私有化,该站点在1987年被国家铁路清算公司接管,并于2006年(2006年)进行了现场竞标。一家房地产公司等竞标成功,将场地分为12个街区,并吸引了大型商业设施。 2007年(2007年),所有街区统称为“ Shin Misato Lara City”,2008年(2008年),实施了房屋标签。后来,建造了大型的配送仓库和公寓。 (参考武藏野船坞建设工作杂志等)2014年6月吉一铁路JR

 しかし、当時の 国鉄 の経営悪化等の影響によるヤード集結型貨物輸送の廃止にともない、開業わずか10年後の昭和59年(1984)に機能を停止、昭和61年(1986)に正式に廃止されました。


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