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auto-translate Yuichi Shinomura Hachimangu Shrine, the priest of the god of honor, Emeritus Hoshina (Emperor Ojin), Emperor Nakaa, and Empress Shinko, the only thing that can be said to be home. Soreisha, Exoradosha, Komiyasha four shrines, regular festival September 15 Hoseikai, October 25th autumn festival January 19th, Pokaku Shrine regular festival one, historical history According to the imperial edict of Emperor Sanjo three years later (110-71), the imperial sentence of Emperor Sanjo sent Okushu guardian government general, Kawachi Morinori Yoriyoshi to Kochi Emperor Ojin Tenno tomb in Kochi (Habikino City, Osaka Prefecture). It is reported that the temple was founded upon the invitation of a god of worship. There is also a letter of contribution from the territory of Yoriyoshi Minamoto dated May 13, 1964. Although it was a manor in Shinomura opened by Fujiwara, it became a place for Genji to pass on from someday, and the first shrine of Tohachimangu in his own manor was used as the first shrine of Tohachimangu in his own manor at the time when Yorai became National Guard of Kawachi. He would have called for the Holy Spirit. On April 29, 13th year of Motohiro Yonemoto, Ashikaga Takashi, a descendant of a teenager, succeeded in destroying the Rokutora expedition after staying for ten days on April 29, 13 I got the trigger of Kenko Chuko. In addition, after being separated from Emperor Godaigo, Kentake two years (13,336), he was defeated in the battle of Kyoto once occupied on January 30, and until February 1st, we gathered our remaining allied soldiers until February 1. Donated the territory, prayed for a return, and fled to Kyushu. One month after the run, the entire Kyushu was settled, and the battle between Minatogawa in May resulted in a decisive victory, triggering the opening of the Muromachi Shogunate. Takashi himself visited the company on August 10th, Sadaka 5th year (13/49), because his great wish was fulfilled with a prayer at the company at two serious crossroads. With the donations of many manor houses from Mr. Takashi and other successive shoguns, the company prospered greatly throughout the Muromachi period, and at the time of its prosperity the company area extended to both east and west villages. Later, many shrines and territories were lost due to the wars of Onin&39;s rebellion and Michihide Akechi&39;s Tadahei Heiwa. During the Kanei period (1624-43), the main shrine was renovated by Kameyama Castle&39;s chief marshman, and since then he has been protected by successive feudal lords as a shrine under the direct control of Kameyama Castle. The "Ganbun" and "Gojo-Gyosho" (a letter of donation) from the banner of Takashi Ashikaga are transmitted. At the precincts, there is a "Yatsuka" with a votive burrow along with a tamakushi, and a "Hachidateyo" with a white flag of Genji indicating the whereabouts of the headquarters. In 1986, the entire precinct was designated as a Kameoka City Historic Site as "the place where the flag of Ashikaga Takashi was raised." © WAWA

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auto-translate 尊贵的神父筱村雄一八,宫,星名退休(大金皇帝),中皇帝和新光皇后,都可以说是唯一的家。 Soreisha,Exoradosha,Komiyasha四个神社,常规节日9月15日法政会,10月25日秋季祭1月19日,Pokaku神社常规节日之一,历史根据三年后(110-71年)的三条皇帝的,令,三条皇帝的大刑令将奥丘守卫官川守盛典(Yawayori)送往高知(大阪府哈比基诺市)的高知天神天神墓。据报道,这座神庙是在一个礼拜神的邀请下建立的。 1964年5月13日,还有源本义吉(Yoriyoshi Minamoto)领土的投稿信。虽然是藤原在筱村开设的庄园,但从某天开始,它便成为了源氏传承的地方,而在Yorai成为川越国民警卫队时,他自己的庄园中的Tochichimangu的第一座神殿被用作他自己的庄园中的Tohachimangu的第一座神殿。他本来需要圣灵。米本元浩13年4月29日,少年后裔足利隆(Ashikaga Takashi)在13年4月29日停留了10天后,成功摧毁了Rokutora探险队我得到了Kenko Chuko的触发。此外,与竹天皇高定吾(Kedtake)分离两年(13,336)后,他在1月30日占领的京都战役中被击败,直到2月1日,我们召集了剩下的盟军,直到2月1日。捐赠领土,为返回祈祷,然后逃到了九州。奔跑的一个月后,整个九州定居下来,5月在凑川之间的战斗取得了决定性的胜利,引发了室町幕府的开幕。高贞本人于贞高5年8月10日(13/49)拜访了公司,因为他的伟大愿望在两个严重的十字路口向公司祈祷。在高桥先生和其他相继的幕府将军的帮助下,该公司获得了许多庄园的捐赠,在整个室町时代取得了长足的发展。在繁荣时期,公司的业务范围扩展到东西方两个村庄。后来,由于Onin叛乱和Mitsuhide Akechi的Tadahei Heiwa的战争,许多神社和领地丢失了。在金荣时期(1624-43年),主神社由龟山城堡的首席沼泽官整修,从那以后,他一直受到封建领主的保护,作为在龟山城堡直接控制下的神殿。高桥足利旗帜上的“ Ganbun”和“ Gojo-Gyosho”(捐赠信)被传送。在区域内,有一个“ Yatsuka”和一个玉米粥,上面有一个可食的洞穴,还有一个“ Hachidateyo”,上面带有源氏的白旗,表明了总部的下落。 1986年,整个地区被指定为“龟冈市立高举国旗的地方”的龟冈市历史遗址。 ©WAWA

篠村八幡宮 由緒
一、主祭神 誉田別命(応神天皇)、仲哀天皇、神功皇后
ほむだわけのみこと おうじんてんのう ちゅうあいてんのう じんくうこうこう

一、由緒 由緒書きや本殿棟札 によれば、延久 三年(一〇七一)後三條天皇 の勅
宣によって、奥州鎮守府将軍・河内守源頼義 が、河内国 (大阪府羽曳野市 )
応神天皇陵 に鎮座の誉田八幡宮 から御祭神を勧請し創建されたと伝えられる。
延久四年五月十三日付の源頼義の社領寄進状も現存する。藤原氏 によって開
かれた篠村荘園 ではあったが何時の頃からか源氏 が相伝する所となり、頼
義が河内国守となった縁で自身の荘園内の当八幡宮 の原初の祠に誉田八幡宮
 源頼義から十代末裔の足利尊氏 は、元弘 三年(一三三三)四月二十九日、
当社に戦勝祈願の願文を奉じて十日間滞在の後、首尾よく六渡羅探題 を滅ほ
して建武中興 のきっかけを掴んだ。また、 後醍醐天皇 と決別後の建武 二年
(一三三六) 一月三十日、一旦占拠した京都攻防戦で破れ、二月 一日まで当
れた。敗走後一ヵ月で九州全土を平定、五月の湊川の合戦 で決定的な勝利を
得て室町幕府 開幕のきっかけを掴んだ。
 尊氏 にとって二度の重大な岐路で当社に祈願を込めて大願が成就している
ことから、尊氏自身貞和 五年(一三四九)八月十日に当社にお礼に参拝して
いる。尊氏を始め歴代将軍家から多くの荘園の寄進を受け、室町時代 を通じ
後、応仁の乱明智光秀 の丹波平定の戦火 によって社殿や社領の多くを損
 寛永 年間(一六二四~四三)亀山城管沼定客 によって本殿改修がなされ、
旗を掲げた『旗立楊 』が残る。
 昭和六十一年、境内全域が『足利尊氏旗挙げの地 』として亀岡市の史跡


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