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auto-translate Origin of Myoyama Daikeiji Temple Nichiren saint Kyoto spirituality of a round trip to visit Kyoto More than 750 years ago, Nichiren dropped in here in the early spring of 1975, during the Kamakura period. A couple who ran a teahouse on the highway was preached. The couple pledged their religion for the Lotus Sutra, and as a memorial, Saint Nichiren was given the statue of Tenno Bishamon and planted a single pine. This pine is "Kou no Matsu". The couple were awarded the law of Doen and Myoen by Nichiren Saint, and then built Hokke-do and built the foundation of Toyama. The couple&39;s tomb is located at the bottom of the white treasure in front of Kuon no Matsu. During the Showa era, it was confirmed by Rissho University that it was a tomb from the Kamakura period. The name of the mountain of Enmyosan is taken from the name of Doen and Myoen, and the temple is named Daikeiji after the Daegu of Hokke. The current main hall was completed in 1927 at the frontage, at a depth of ten yards (about 18 m). ■ Pine of Kuon (prefecture-designated natural monument) This is a pine tree planted by Nichiren saints. It is still growing at a rate of 5.2 m, with a height of 27 m, and the branches are 30 m in east, west and north and south. (As of 2008) In recent years, pine trees have died due to the damage of pine worms. Among them, Kuon pine is said to be one or two nationwide as a tall, well-balanced large pine. ■ Relocated part of Sagara castle palace (Iji Tanuma, the main castle owner) The palace in Toyama was a part of Sagara castle relocated in 1780 (1788). After relocation, repairs are repeated, but the pillars, beams, pillars, etc. are those at the time. The pillars of the palace are paulownia wood, which is the same as the national treasure Matsumoto Castle. The room between the floor at the back of the palace was once seen by Yuji Tanuma. ■ Tanaka Castle Prayer Temple / Toyama became a Tanaka Castle Prayer Temple in the Edo period due to the healing of the sickness of Tanaka Castle Lord Princess, and was called "Samurai Temple". In the cemetery beside Yamamon, there are tombs of the castle owner, Settsumori Ota, Princess of the Tanaka Domain, Takase Family, and Shigetomi Family. In addition, there are tombs such as Kameishi Otsuka, which was said to be a writer of Fujieda in the Edo era, Kakei, Green Cliff, Tanaka feudal scholar Ishii Josai (founder of Nichikan), and Kokuzawa scholar Kumazawa. Treasures and Cultural Properties Calligraphy of Shima Kohan, Yosaebumura, Bunbuncho, Daima Ike, etc. during the Edo era, statue of the priest of the priest, Kansei Kiyoshimasa Is stored. © WAWA

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auto-translate 宫山大池寺的起源日莲圣人京都来回京都的精神之旅750多年前,日莲人在镰仓时代于1975年早春落入这里。宣讲了在高速公路上经营茶馆的一对夫妇。这对夫妻为莲花经(Lotus Sutra)宣誓信仰,作为纪念,圣尼吉伦(Saint Nichiren)被赋予了Tenno Bishamon雕像,并栽下了一棵松树。这棵松树是“ Kou no Matsu”。夫妇俩被日莲圣人授予道恩和妙恩法律,然后建造了法兴堂并建立了富山的基础。夫妻的坟墓位于“ Kun no Matsu”前白色宝藏的底部。昭和时代,立正大学确认这是镰仓时代的陵墓。 Enmyosan山的名字取自Doen和Myoen的名字,这座寺庙以法克大邱的名字命名为大池寺。当前的大厅于1927年在十码(约18 m)的深度处完成。 ■Kuon松(县指定的天然纪念物)这是由Nichiren圣徒种植的松树。它仍以5.2 m的速度生长,高度为27 m,东,西,北和南的分支分别为30 m。 (截至2008年)近年来,由于松虫的危害,松树死亡。其中,全松树据称在全国范围内是一到两个,又高又平衡。 ■搬迁萨加拉城堡宫殿的一部分(主要城堡拥有者饭田井治)富山的宫殿是萨加拉城堡的一部分,于1780年(1788年)搬迁。搬迁后,要进行修复,但当时的支柱,梁,支柱等仍在维修。宫殿的支柱是泡桐木,与国宝松本城相同。宫殿后部地板之间的房间曾被田沼雄二看过。 ■田中城礼拜堂/富山由于田中城主公主的病愈而在江户时代成为田中城礼拜堂,被称为“武士庙”。在山门旁边的墓地中,有城堡主人大田濑森守的坟墓,田中地区的公主,高濑家族和茂见家族。此外,还有一些墓葬,例如据说是江户时代藤枝作家的大冢佳石,关井,绿崖,田中封建学者石井重斋(日建馆的创始人)和国泽学者仓泽。江户时代的志摩汗,四重村,文武町,大池池等的宝物文化财,祭司神像清岛正被存储。 ©WAWA

円妙山大慶寺 の由来
日蓮聖人 京都遊学往復お立ち寄りの霊跡
今を去る七百五十有余年前、鎌倉時代 の、建長 五年初春
一本の松をお手植えになりました。この松が「久遠の松 」です。
法華堂を建立し、当山の基を築きました。 夫婦の墓は
「久遠の松」の前の白い宝塔下部にあります。 昭和年間に、
れています。 円妙山の山号は、道円、妙円の法号より取り、法
は、間口、奥行十間の(約十八 m)で、昭和二年に完成しました。

■久遠の松(県指定・天然記念物 )
(平成二十八年現在) 近年、松食い虫の被害で、全国の名松
相良城御殿 (田沼意次 公城主)の一部を移築
当山の客殿は、天明 八年(一七八八年)に、相良城の一部
田中城 祈願寺
・当山は江戸時代 、田中城主姫君の病気平癒の功により、田中
城祈願寺となり、「さむらい寺 」と称されていました。山
門横の墓地には、城主太田攝津守田中藩 姫君、家老 高瀬家、
言われた大塚亀石 、荷渓、翠崖、田中藩漢学者石井縄斎 (日
知館創立者)、国学者熊澤惟興 等の墓があります。
江戸時代の司馬江漢与謝蕪村谷文晁池大雅 等の書
画、願満祖師御尊像、加藤清正 公旗題目、徳川綱条 公書、


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