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auto-translate Kura Shrine Goyo Location Kobe City, Higashinada-ku, Motoyama-cho, Kitahata, 680, Osamu Osamu Osamu Osamu Osamu Osamu Osamu Osamu Osamu Oochi Many stone stone axes, stone swords, stone knives, sarcophagus, bronze era copper pots (Shigemi) Yayoi-style pottery that have been discovered in the ancient ritual sites of the ancient precincts Excavation. From the second or third century B.C. to the third century C.E., both of which are considered to be rituals, by that time it is no longer a ritual that is sacred to this sacred place. . In addition, the company was the first to descend from the descendants of Daihiko Renkura, who was the descendant of Tsuhiko Shiine (City 769), and emperor Jin Gong (Ch. It is also said that it originates from the storage and dedication of the house, or it originates from the ground of the company&39;s name, the firehouse of the company, and the ground of the fire. In addition, the pottery pottery and Kodama were discovered, and the company name was put on the Enki-shi (Heisei era 927) in the Heian period. A bronze suspension Buddha was discovered in the middle of Kamakura, and the fact that the ritual can survive from the upper ages, such as the fact that Settsu magazine states that it can be held in the 2nd year of construction (1250 AD) Become a document. Since ancient times, it has been called the Tennogu Shrine and is the total god of used Honjo-no-sho. A ship that crosses the near sea with a い 〇, and a former scenic spot with a panoramic view of the azure sea. It has been worshiped as a “one fire of the eagle” to pray for safety, and has been a course for sailors since ancient times. This is an event that memorializes the virtues of the grandson of the son and son when considering the act of the sea god, which is the representative of the grand god, and serves as a day for many years from the first generation to the present. Stay here. Main holiday January 1st Day of the year New Year&39;s Day January 20th Otsuchi Festival May 4th Regular Festival 5th Shinyuki Ceremony July 14th Nagoe Shrine Shrine Tatsumi Shrine Festival God Amaterasu Emperor Kasuga Daijin

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auto-translate 仓神社高阳区六所市北滨市元山町东田区神户市680在边境的古代遗址中发现了许多石制斧头,石剑,石刀,石棺和青铜时代的铜制陶器(Shigemi)弥生风格的陶器。发掘。从公元前二世纪或三世纪到公元三世纪,这两种仪式都被认为是一种仪式,到那个时候,不再是神圣的仪式了。 。此外,该公司是第一个由Shihiko Shiine的后代Yamato Renkura Minoru(7,9C)的后代发展而来的公司。也有人说,它来自房屋的存放和专用性,或者源于公司名称,公司的消防站和火源。此外,还发现了陶器和小玉,并在平安时代把公司名称命名为Enki-shi(平成927年)。在镰仓中部发现了一个铜制的悬浮佛,并且该仪式可以保留到上古时代,例如《 Settsu》杂志称它可以在建筑的第二年(公元1250年)举行。成为文档。自古以来,它被称为天王宫,是二手本庄之神。船舶的港口以い〇横渡近海,而前者则可欣赏蔚蓝大海的全景。为了安全起见,它被视为“鹰的一击”,并且自古以来就是水手们的课程。考虑到代表大神的海神的举动,这一事件纪念了儿子和儿子的孙子的美德,从第一代到现在已经有很多年了。留在这主要节日每年的1月1日,元旦1月20日,大月节5月4日,例行节,第五届Shinyuki仪式,7月14日,名古屋神社Tatsumi神社,神天照天皇,春日大神

保久良神社 御由緒
所在地 神戸市東灘区本山町北畑六八〇番地
御祭神 須佐之男命 大歳御祖神
    大国主命  椎根津彦命
一月一日   歳旦祭
一月二十日  大俵祭
五月四日   例祭
  五日   神幸式
七月十四日  名越祭
末社 祓御神社
御祭神 天照皇太神 春日大神


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Tags: 兵庫県 神戸市
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Tags: 兵庫県 神戸市
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Tags: 兵庫県 神戸市
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