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auto-translate Tokyo Prefecture Designated Name Katsushika Ikedo Mizushima was selected by the Ministry of the Environment (at that time, the Environment Agency) as one of the 100 famous waters of the Ministry of the Environment (at that time the Environment Agency), and there are multiple springs around the promenade and pond along the waterway. It was named "the pond spring water group of the way, true figure of In 1998, it was designated as a famous spring in the Kokubunji cliff line spring water group, and it is designated as a scenic spot in Tokyo, and preservation is planned. As shown in the schematic cross section of the strata, spring water comes from below the Kokubunji cliff line that the flow of the Tama River scraped down the strata such as the loam layer and moss layer which nature built up for a long time. In this area, there is a word "Mizuguchi eighty-eight places" and there were many spring water sources. However, as a result of urbanization and the like, as a result of being depleted and being reclaimed, spring water sources and spring water volumes are also decreasing. It is said that the name of “a real pond” is that the disease of a woman named Tamasuko Komachi has been restored to its original form by the Yakushi Nadai&39;s test of Kokubunji, about a thousand years ago in the Heian period. Kokubunji City Board of Education March 2008

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auto-translate 东京都指定名称Katsushika Ikedo Mizushima被环境部(当时的环境局)选为环境部(当时的环境局)的100个着名水域之一。它被命名为“池塘泉水集团之路,真正的人物形象1998年,被指定为国分寺悬崖线泉水组的着名的春天,被指定为东京的风景区,并且计划保存。如地层的示意剖面图所示,泉水来自国分寺悬崖线以下,多摩河的流动刮下了地层,如自然形成的壤土层和苔藓层。在这个区域,有一个词“Mizuguchi八十八个地方”,有许多泉水源。然而,由于城市化等,由于耗尽和回收,泉水源和泉水量也在减少。据说,“一个真正的池塘”的名字是,一个名叫Tamasuko Komachi的女人的疾病已经通过Yakushi Nadai在一千年前的平安时期对国分寺的测试恢复到原来的状态。国分寺市教育委员会2008年3月

 東京都 指定名勝真姿の池湧水群

昭和60年に環境省(当時環境庁)の名水百選 に選ばれ、水路
10年には国分寺崖線 湧水群の中の代表的な湧水である
として、東京都 名勝に指定され、保存が図られている。
作り上げたローム層や礫層などの地層を多摩川 の流れが
削ってできた国分寺崖線 の下から湧き水がでている。


  国分寺市 教育委員会 平成20年3月


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東京都指定名勝 真姿の池湧水群


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