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auto-translate Mountain historical history
Hachirozaemon Wei sheng hospital light Matsuyama Hojo Temple
-Shingon sect
Hojo Temple is instrumental in Takada Hachiman ( hole Hachiman ) sengu Wei sheng hospital rights major-no-sozu hoin y. Shonin 0/1641 (1641), was founded as the 別當 Temple. Y. Saint 2/1639 randlett Koyasan okunoin, Aki Miyajima even had studied countries reimu in one's parent showed up, "the young Lord's Shogun's hot in the summer your Nativity and. Thou shalt do celebrate. "And so far told us immediately because the pillars, as defined by praying to the attainment year hospital yan Yuden ( fourth generation ietsuna publicly ) your Nativity was. To hinatayama your visits to great literature Academy Hall (third generation Iemitsu 公) to be, and then reached on this 0/1646 to the prayers of his misfortune yan o., 0/1649 better than m. Saint was asked by historical temples and shrines, near the region was called the Hojo landownership, Wei sheng Academy of light pine Hojo JI hachirozaemon.
Since Shogun Chongxin especially enjoys as a prayer Temple of Tokugawa AOI Crest, Temple Crest, also during the daimyo in the Edo Castle as another was allowed German bow Chapter 3 colors (scarlet, purple, at) robe worn.
To Tokugawa on record your sporting even when our temple is commanded to used, such as Hojo Temple and shoguns and traffic are written in detail.
From the wound that time until the Meiji era, shinbutsu shugo as hole Hachiman 別當 Hojo Temple temple and shrine in the same precincts and a priest from generation to generation as a monk, was presided over temple mountain justice, but 0/1869 generation of hinatayama 16 III real light, splits the precinct by Hai SHAC proclamation, was 遷sa in the land of present day Buddha Avalokitesvara.

Thus hinatayama widely known as Kannon pilgrimage of the Tokugawa family from especially Buddha Holy Kannon Bodhisattva is a flexible worm sealing ( yuuzuu mushifuuji ) referred to Kannon, samples 88 que, sacred place no. 30 Temple, Edo Kannon 33 increasingly 尊信 many people as Bill 15 fudasho.

Proton come from Fuzhou Has now become the cornerstone of the calendars and easily dominated by the books-Juku-puyao-Jing and others, Kobo Daishi Kukai Heian period for the first time told from China to Japan in May. Hinatayama awarded adjoins come Fu refers to Solstice (cathode increasing the resulting Proton) adjoins came in Fuzhou, said the Myoshinji infinite sea life of the Kannon Sutra verses statement signed ' character named Fu adjoins came.
Is the Kannon having pasted ehou determined each year in the family's living room, to pray for happiness raw materials, gold and silver flexible miraculous talismans.
Edo tenpō year before the seven days between the winter solstice and the prayers of the Shingon esoteric Buddhism Guanyin method 修shite, and was awarded the 別當 Hojo Temple Congregation is the beginning. Received Minister chuan inherits the Minori, since, until today and the winter solstice we are onsite awarded between until setsubun.

That adjoins came in Fuzhou hinatayama-derived is the Office's ability of well-acquainted with devotion. Light pine Hojo Temple

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auto-translate 山历史历史
Hachirozaemon 魏盛医院光松山北条寺庙
北条寺庙是器乐在高田八幡宫孔八幡宫) 制魏盛医院权利主要-不-僧津瓦恩 y.圣人 0/1641年 (1641) 的前身是別當寺。
Y.圣 2/1639年兰德利特高野山 okunoin、 Aki 宫岛甚至研究了在一个人的父,表明国家灵"年轻主幕府的夏天很热你的降生和。你必庆祝。"到目前为止告诉我们立即因为支柱,界定公开向实现年医院严诱电第四代 ietsuna 祈祷) 你诞生了。到 hinatayama 您访问伟大的文学学院大厅 (第三代德川家光公),然后达成此 0/1646 到他不幸闫 o.,0/1649年要好于下午圣曾被历史的寺庙和神社,附近的区域被称为北条土地所有权,光松德郡豪生集镇 hachirozaemon 魏胜学院的祈祷。由于幕府将军崇信特别喜欢祷告德川 AOI 顶寺寺顶,也在大名在江户城作为另一种是允许德国弓章 3 颜色 (红,紫色,在) 穿的长袍。
从那时起直到明治时代的伤口,shinbutsu 守护孔八幡宫別當北条寺和神社在同一选区和一位牧师从世代为僧,主持寺山正义,但 hinatayama 16 三、 真实的光线,0/1869年代拆分分局由海汇众宣布,是遷sa 在现今佛观音的土地。
因此 hinatayama 广泛称为观音朝圣之旅的德川家庭从特别是佛圣观音是一种灵活的蠕虫密封 yuuzuu mushifuuji) 提到了观音,样品 88 阙,神圣的地方号 30 寺,江户观音 33 越来越多人作为条例草案 15 fudasho 尊信。


有现在成为日历的基石,很容易由书补习董事长井和其他人,Kobo 大师空平安时代第一次在五月从中国告知到日本。Hinatayama 授予毗邻的来福指冬至 (增加产生质子的阴极) 毗邻福州,走了进来说: 签署的观音经典诗句声明的院坐禅无边的海洋生活 ' 字符命名的福毗邻来了。是观音有粘贴连州决定每年在家庭的起居室里,祈祷幸福原料,黄金和白银的灵活神奇符咒。
江户 tenpō 年之前七天之间冬至和祈祷的真言宗密宗佛教观音方法修shite,并荣获別當北条寺庙会众是开始。
收到的部长川继承米诺里以来,直到今天和我们都是现场直到节分之间授予的冬至。那毗邻福州 hinatayama 派生进来是非常熟悉的奉献办公室的能力。


 ・寺号 威盛院光松山放生寺
 ・宗派 高野山真言宗
良昌上人は高野山奥の院、安芸宮島さらには諸国を修業していた折りの、寛永十六年二月霊夢の中に老翁現れ、「将軍家の若君が辛巳の年夏頃御降誕あり。汝記念せよ。」と告げられ、直ちに堂宇に籠って大願成就まで祈願致したところ、同年厳有院殿(四代家綱公)が御降誕されました。その後、このことが上聞に達し大献院殿(三代家光公)が当山に御参拝になり、正保三年御厄除の御祈祷を厳修、慶安二年良昌上人より寺社の由緒を聞かれ、「威盛院光松放生寺」の寺号を賜り付近一帯は放生寺門前と称されていました。以来 将軍家の崇信殊の外篤く徳川家代々の祈願寺として葵の紋を寺紋に、また江戸城の登城の際には寺格として独礼登城三色(緋色、紫色、鳶色)の衣の着用を許されました。



光松山 放生寺


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