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auto-translate The Noko River Passage Origin of the Furunokawari River, located at Mt. Mimine (1,235 m above sea level) in the Takami Mountains that rise to the border between Ise and Yamato, pours into Ise Bay, along with the Kushidagawa and Miyagawa It is one of the prefecture&39;s three major rivers. Because it is a large river, it is also the border between the south morning and the north morning in the north-south morning, and a bridge has not been bridged due to military issues. One of them is "Ono Koe-Dato", which used to be here. Because this area is along Ise Highway, it is a key point of traffic for people from all over the country to come and go, and until around 1914 (1614), people were crossing the river by river from Kagoshima. In the “Edo-Okiki” event that happened four times during the Edo period, it was said that as many as 5 million people came and went for Ise Sangu when there were many from all over the country, and the passing area was prosperous as a post facility. The Unode Bridge was built in 1880 (1880), serving as a bridge connecting the life and culture of the area, and the Unode Bridge was constructed in May 2000, and its role has become increasingly large. became.

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auto-translate 位于高见山的Mimine山(海拔1235米),位于伊势和大和之间边界的Furunokawari河的Noko River Passage起源,与Kushidagawa和Miyagawa一起涌入伊势湾它是该县三大河流之一。因为它是一条大河,它也是南北早晨和南北早晨之间的边界,由于军事问题,桥梁还没有桥接。其中一个是“Ono Koe-Dato”,曾经在这里。因为这个地区沿着伊势高速公路,所以来自全国各地的人们来来往往是交通的关键,直到1914年左右(1614年),人们从鹿儿岛过河。在江户时代曾四次发生的“江户 - 大垣”事件中,据说当全国各地有许多人来往伊势三姑时,有多达500万人前来往往,过往地区作为邮局设施繁荣。 Unode Bridge建于1880年(1880年),是连接该地区生活和文化的桥梁,Unode Bridge于2000年5月建成,其作用日益庞大。现在是。

小野古江渡跡 おののふるえのわたり
雲出川 は、伊勢国大和国 の境にそびえる高見山 地の三峰山(標高1,235m)に源を発し、伊勢湾
と注ぐ、櫛田川宮川 と並ぶ県下三大河川の一つです。
この地は、伊勢街道 に沿っているため、全国各地からの伊勢参りの人びとが行き交う交通の要衝で
あり、慶長 19年(1614)ごろまでは川越場から人馬によって川越えをしていました。
江戸時代 に4回おこった「おかげまいり」では、全国各地から多いときには500万人もの民衆が伊勢
参宮 のために往来したといわれ、渡し場宿場 としてにぎわいました。
明治13年(1880)には雲出橋 が架けられ、地域の生活と文化を結ぶ掛け橋となり、平成12年


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