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auto-translate Oshite Oshidate is a village where the center of the village was located in part of Oshidate Town 4-chome (Oshidate Street, Oshite Cultural Center north side road). In the magazine of the end of the Edo period, there are "Tomito ninety-four houses" ("New compilation Musashi-Fu-shi"), and it is a large village. The village was divided north and south due to the flood of the Qing Dynasty (1596), so it was established after leaving Mukoshiri (Inagi City) to the south of the river. The occurrence of the place name is unknown, but there is a theory that the paddy fields in the village were cut off by the flood of the Tama River or by the person&39;s name. During the Edo period, he made great achievements in the development of the Minami-Namushi Musashino Nitta and Mino&39;s flood control project, and the highly respected Kawasaki Peiemon Sadataka is from Oshidate Village.

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auto-translate Oshite Oshidate是一个村庄,村庄的中心位于Oshidate Town 4-chome(Oshidate Street,Oshite Cultural Center北侧路)的一部分。在江户时代末期的杂志中,有“Tomito九十四宫”(“新编武藏福市”),是一个大村庄。由于清朝(1596年)的洪水,村庄在南北分开,所以它是在离开Mukoshiri(稻城市)到河的南部之后建立的。地名的出现是未知的,但有一种理论认为村里的稻田被多摩河的洪水或人的名字所切断。在江户时代,他在Minami-Namushi Musashino Nitta和Mino的防洪工程的开发方面取得了巨大成就,备受推崇的川崎Peiemon Sadataka来自Oshidate村。

 幕末の地誌には「民戸九十四軒」(『新編武蔵風土記稿 』)とあり、集落としては大きい方です。村は慶長元年(# 1596)の洪水によって南北に分断されたため、川の南に向押立(稲城市 )を残して定着したものです。
 江戸時代に南北武蔵野新田開発や美濃の治水事業等に大きな功績をあげ、名代官の誉れ高い川崎平右衛門定孝 は押立村の出身です。


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