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auto-translate A town and literature trail Saneatsu Course In the small hill that is called Lingshan, there is the Hagi Shrine in the high place surrounded by the old trees, and the Mingshoin in the low place. According to the legend, the company is the guardian deity of Musashikuni Tajima-gun, Yazoo Iruma-mura, and has a deep faith of the villagers and manifests the feud. was doing. Dwellings were enshrined under the mausoleum, but they were transferred to the present location in the Basho year, and each year there was a dedication of the Kagura of the Twelve at Kamioka on September 18. This site is one of the four majestic temples in Tama-gun, and the elders are considered to be Maruyama, and have a height of two spans (approximately four, two ninety-nine). Yes, there are forty-eight rice) and it is listed on the Momoyaiso Irima Mansion Shrine Book of 1907. In addition, it was lined up in May 18 Meiji village. In addition to the main temple where the lanterns are found in the Tendai sect temple, which opened in the middle of the 16th century, Myoushin-in Temple is also home to Kannon-do, Enma-do, and Jizo-son, Rokuji-zou, and a memorial tower. .

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auto-translate 小镇和文学小径Saneatsu Course在被称为灵山的小山上,在古老的树木环绕的高处有H城神社,在低处有Mingshoin。根据传说,该公司是Musashikuni Tajima-gun,Yazoo Iruma-mura的守护神,对村民有着深厚的信仰并表现出不和。它完成了。住宅被供奉在陵墓之下,但是他们被转移到芭蕉年的现在位置,并且每年9月18日在神冈的十二神乐神的献身精神。这个地方是多摩郡四个雄伟的寺庙之一,长老被认为是丸山,高度为两个跨度(大约四个,两个九十九个)。是的,有四十八个米饭,它被列入1907年的Momoyaiso Irima Mansion Shrine Book。另外,它在5月18日明治村排队。除了在16世纪中期开放的天台教堂寺庙中发现灯笼的主殿外,Myoushin-in Temple也是Kannon-do,Enma-do,Jizo-son,Rokuji-zou和纪念塔的所在地。 。

寺町と文学の道 Saneatsu Course

陵山 といわれる小高い丘を二分して老樹に囲まれ
た高所に糟嶺神社 、低所に明照院 があります。
言い伝えによると、当社は武蔵国多磨郡郡 矢荘入間村
守護神 で、村人の厚い信仰を受け神威を現わ。
が、宝暦 戊寅年に現在地に遷座し、毎年九月十八日
神前にて、十二座の神楽 の奉納がありました。この
を丸山ともし、高さ二間一尺(約四、二九米) 根廻り
明照院は、16世紀中頃に開かれた天台宗 の寺で
そして整備された庭には地蔵尊六地蔵 、巡拝供養
塔などがあります。 .


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寺町と文学の道 糟嶺神社(かすみね)付近 東京都調布市入間町2−19−13


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