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auto-translate Enki Shiten Futaten Shrine Shinmyo Najin, Doshin Shinohara Miho Nagai Three Year Reconstruction Wooden Fuzou Our shrine is the Enki Shiki (the sixth emperor of the Emperor Roh of Emperors, the fifth anniversary of the Constitution). It is one of the oldest companies in Tama County, which is listed in It was originally in the place of Tamagawa Kotenjin, but it was relegated to the present location, avoiding the yearly Tama floods of civilization (1649-87). At the time of the fowl, it is said that the shrine god Shomyo Nagohara Michi was served. According to the story, a person named Shiroko, a Gurufuku leader, visited our company seven days and seven nights, told the deity, exposed the cloth to the Tama River, and presented it to the court. It is said to have been called Chofu (Tetsukuri), the emperor of this cotton, which is regarded as the beginning of cotton in this morning. Forty years, the worship of the temple will take about the construction in 1965 (the temple tower is about seventy two tsubos). There is a dedication Kagura on the regular day of the 25th of every month, and the city is full of worshipers in the temple grounds. There are Kinshara Shrine, Inari Shrine, Otsuchi Shrine, Todo Shrine, Hoho Shrine, Otori Shrine, and Itsukushima Shrine in Suesa. Cultural property Tensho 18 (1590) Toyotomi Hideyoshi&39;s bill Takanaga 3 (1706) the main hall of the rebuilding year and the building bill 1 square Kansei 8 (1 76 6) built stone of the stone dog September 25th, 24 Futaten Shrine

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auto-translate Enki Shiten Futaten Shrine Shinmyo Najin,Doshin Shinohara Miho Nagai三年重建木制Fuzou我们的神社是Enki Shiki(皇帝的第六位皇帝,宪法五周年)。它是多摩县最古老的公司之一,在上市它原本在Tamagawa Kotenjin的位置,但它被降级到现在的位置,避免了文明中每年的多摩洪水(1649-87)。在家禽的时候,据说神社神Shomyo Nagohara Michi被送达。根据这个故事,一个名叫Shiroko的人,一个Gurufuku领导人,七天七夜访问我们公司,告诉神,将布料暴露在多摩河,并将其呈现给法院。据说这种棉花的皇帝称为调布(Tetsukuri),今天早上被认为是棉花的开始。四十年来,寺庙的崇拜将在1965年建造(寺庙塔大约七十二个tsubos)。在每个月的25日的常规日,有一个奉献的神乐,这个城市充满了寺庙场地的信徒。在Suesa有金沙神社,稻荷神社,大冢神社,Todo神社,Hoho神社,Otori神社和严岛神社。文化财产Tensho 18(1590年)丰臣秀吉的法案Takanaga 3(1706)重建年的主殿和建筑法案1平方Kansei 8(1 76 6)建造石狗的石头9月25日,24日未亡圣地

延喜式内 布多天神社

 当神社は延喜式(第六十代醍醐天皇延長 五(九二七)年に制
法典)第九巻に名を列ねる多摩郡 でも有数の古社である。もと多摩川
古天神というところにあったが、文明 (一四六九~八七)年間多摩
洪水を避けて、現在地に遷座された。 其の折、祭神少名毘古那
 社伝によれば住古、広福長者 という人が当社に七日七夜参籠して神の
お告げをうけ、布を多摩川にさらし調えて、朝廷 に献上した。
これが本朝における木綿の初めとされる帝この布に調布 (テツクリ)
と名づけられ以来この辺りを調布の里 とよぶようになったとい
大鳥神社厳島神社 がある。

天正 十八(一五九〇)年の豊臣秀吉制札
宝永 三(一七〇六)年再建の本殿 及び棟札 一枚
寛政 八(一七九六)年建立の石造狛犬 一対



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