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auto-translate Historic ruins Salt work site address historical site July 22, 1974 The designated schoolyuan islands have been known and prosperous throughout the country as a base for salty satellite navy since long ago. Since the Toyotomi era, the powerful persons at the time gave the vermillion letter which approves the possession of 1,250 stones of salt-saturated islands to 650 people of salt-saturated auction, and instead as an owner obliged by maritime transport by command, I decided to incorporate power into my own power rule. This ship crowd was later called the name of a person, who was bundling them, old people were old, the first four people elderly kept the vermiform seal at home and was taking all the political affairs concerning salty tatami . However, with the reform of Shimabara &39;s Shimaji reform, in 10 years of Kansei (1798), the work place was newly built in this place, three elder people selected by bidding (election) from the person&39; s name changed political affairs I began to take action. The current building was rebuilt to the first year Yuanbu (1860), and since the Meiji period it was used as a village office, Marugame city office main island branch until March 1972 (1972). Since it is valuable as a place where political affairs were carried out under the system of uniquely unique names, it was designated together with the elderly tombs in 1970 to the national historic sites in bulk. Restoration repair was done in Showa 52 (1977) after the designation, and it has been open to the public since then. The site is about 450 square, surrounded by facade walls of about 40 meters on each side of the three sides, and has a Nagayamon consisting of a point, a waiting place and a room in the south. When passing through Nagayamon, there was a main shop with a ceremonial building in the front, there were rooms such as the ceremonial building, the entrance hall, between the political affairs, the kitchen, etc. The back of the house was used as a stronghold of the elderly It was. In addition, there is a red seal store which kept the red seal shape in the courtyard, and there are attached buildings such as a keeper room on the east side following Nagayamon. Tombs of the old Miyamoto family Marugame City Board of Education

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auto-translate 历史遗迹盐工地址历史遗址1974年7月22日指定的schoolyuan岛屿在很长一段时间以来作为咸卫星海军的基地而闻名于世。自丰臣时代以来,当时的强大人士向650名盐饱和拍卖的人提供了朱红色的信件,该信件批准拥有1,250块饱含盐量的岛屿的石头,而不是作为船东按指令进行海上运输,我决定将力量融入我自己的力量规则中。这群船的人群后来被称为一个人的名字,他们正在捆绑他们,老人们年纪大了,前四个人老人在家里保留了仿佛海豹,正在接受有关咸榻榻米的所有政治事务。然而,随着岛原的Shimaji改革的改革,在Kansei(1798年)的10年中,在这个地方新建了工作地点,通过招标(选举)从这个人的名字选出的三个老年人改变了政治事务我开始采取行动了。目前的建筑重建到元埠元年(1860年),自明治时期起,它被用作村庄办公室,Marugame市政府主岛分支,直到1972年3月(1972年)。由于它是在一个独特的名称系统下进行政治事务的地方,因此它与1970年的老年墓葬一起被指定为国家历史遗址。修复修复是在昭和52(1977)指定后完成的,并且从那时起一直向公众开放。该场地面积约450平方米,三面两侧约有40米的立面围墙,并有一个由南面的一个点,一个等候场所和一个房间组成的Nagayamon。穿过Nagayamon的时候,前面有一个主要的商店,里面有礼仪建筑,有礼仪大楼,入口大厅,政治事务,厨房等等。房子的后面是老人的据点。是的。另外,有一个红色的印章店,在院子里保持红色的印章形状,并且在Nagayamon之后的东侧有诸如守护室的附属建筑物。老宫本家族Marugame市教育委员会的墓葬

史跡 昭和45年7月22日 国指定

 塩飽諸島 は、古くから塩飽水軍 の根拠地として全国に知られ、繁栄してきました。豊臣時代 以降、時の権力者たちは塩飽
の船方 650人に塩飽全島1,250 石の領有を認める朱印状 を与え、その代わりに命令によって海上輸送等の義務を負う御用
船方 として、塩飽水軍 の力を自らの権力統治に組み入れることになりました。この船方衆 は後に人名 と呼ばれ、これらを束ね
ていたのが年寄 で、最初は4人の年寄が交代で自宅に朱印状を保管し、塩飽に関する一切の政務を執り行っていました。し
かし、寛政 の島治改革を機に、寛政10年(1798)、勤番所 がこの場所に新築され、人名の中から入札(選挙)で選ばれた3人
の年寄が、交代で政務を執るようになりました。現在の建物は、万延 元年(1860)に改築されたもので、明治以降は村役場
丸亀市役所本島支所 として昭和47年(1972)3月まで使用されていました。
 敷地は三方をそれぞれ約40m の土塀で囲まれた約450 平で、南には
番所、控所、供部屋からなる長屋門 を構えています。長屋門をくぐると、正



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