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auto-translate Chofu City is located at the southern edge of the geomorphic Musashino-daima area, and the topography on the kitchen consisting of Musashino terrace and Tachikawa terrace is always heavily involved in the history of Chofu. And the Tamagawa that flows in front of you is just "Mother River" which gave birth to Chofu culture. I think that the following two sorts of Man&39;youbu would be representative singing Chofu culture climate. Handwork exposed to the Tama river What is this Child&39;s loving toba (Volume Ten Shu) In the ancient rural area along the Tamagawa river, many linen pieces of handmade (hand-woven) are contributed as a tone (a contribution), and that tribute It was a collaborative work of women in rural areas to expose the cloth to the washing day to make the cloth whitish. It says that "Saranisarani why this girl is so dying and cute as it is" through the sound of its "saras". We are showing excitement to the real circumstances reflecting the living environment and the ancient Tama river&39;s local colors. Ward off Yokoyama walking Yokoyama walking in Akako at Yamano or wandering around Yamaama Takehito Rusubashi Department wife of a morning warrior Uku Department black woman (Vol. 20 - 431) Tenpyo Katsue 7th year (Seventy-seventy-five ) It is a wife&39;s song of the wife of the wife of the wife of Musashi County Toshima-gun at February supplementary guard. The guard is a soldier who keeps the sight of Kyushu, Iki and Tsushima, collected from Donghu at that time, it is led by the officials of the countries by three years change, gathered at Namba Tsu and sent to Dazaifu. At the time, the guard had been allowed to go with a horse, so it was the wife&39;s heart that he wanted to go on a distant journey at least with a horse, but since it was grazing season from the fold, he released Aka to Yamano It is a wife &39;s wailing song that I was not caught and I had to walk the way of Tama&39; s Yokoyama. (Quotation from Mr. Inukuri&39;s commentary) Footprints with various histories engraved remain in Chofu from ancient times. The Tokyo Chofu Rotary Club will build a Manyo folk monument as a project to commemorate the 40th anniversary of its founding and we hope that as many as many people will know about Chofu and have affection for their home. November 10, 2003 Tokyo Chofu Rotary Club gift

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auto-translate 调布市位于地形Musashino-daima地区的南部边缘,由Musashino露台和Tachikawa露台组成的厨房地形始终与调布历史密切相关。而在你面前流淌的多摩河可以说是诞生了调布文化的“母亲河”。我认为以下两种Man&39;youbu会有代表性地唱着Chofu文化气候。暴露在多摩河的手工什么是这个孩子的爱托巴(卷十蜀)在多摩川河沿岸的古老农村地区,许多亚麻手工制作(手工编织)作为一种基调(贡献)和贡品这是农村妇女的一项协作工作,将布料暴露在洗涤日,使布料发白。它说“Saranisarani为什么这个女孩如此死亡和可爱”通过其“saras”的声音。我们对反映生活环境和古代多摩河的当地色彩的真实环境表现出兴奋。在山野县的Akako行走的Yokoyama走路横山,或者在Yamaama Takehito Rusubashi周围徘徊在早上的战士Uku系黑人女人的妻子(Vol.20 - 431)Tenpyo Katsue 7年(75-75)这是2月补充警卫武藏县丰岛县妻子的妻子的妻子的歌。守卫是一名守护着当时从东湖收集的九州,壹岐和津岛的士兵,由国家官员领导三年改变,聚集在难波津并送往太宰府。当时,警卫已经被允许带着马去,所以妻子的心脏至少要用马来进行一次遥远的旅程,但由于它是从褶皱中放牧的季节,他将Aka释放到了山野这是妻子的哀歌,我没有被抓住,我不得不走多摩的横山的路。 (从Inukuri先生的评论中引用)从古代就可以看到雕刻在各种历史上的足迹。东京调布扶轮社将建造一个万寿民俗纪念碑作为纪念其成立40周年的项目,我们希望有多少人会了解调布并对他们的家有感情。 2003年11月10日东京Chofu扶轮社礼品

 調布市は地形状武蔵野台地 の南縁部に位置しており、武蔵野段丘立川段丘 からなる雛壇
の地形は、調布 の歴史の有様に常に大きくかかわっております。そして、目の前を流れる多摩川
は、まさに調布の文化を生んだ「母なる川」と言えるでしょう。次に掲げる万葉集 の二種は調布
風土 を歌った代表すべき歌ではないかと思います。

多摩川に さらす手作 さらさらに
   何だこの児の ここだ愛しぎ
            東歌 (巻十四)

 多摩川畔の古代の農村では調 (貢物 )として手作(手織 )の麻布 が多く貢納 され、その貢納の布
を白くするために、清流 に洗い日にさらすのは、農村の女性の共同の仕事でした。その「サラス」の

赤駒を 山野に放し 捕りか にて
   多摩の横山 徒歩 ゆか 遣らむ
     防人 椋橋部荒虫 の妻宇遅部黒女 (巻二十-四四一七)

 天平勝宝 七年(七七五)二月防人交替のときの、武蔵国豊島郡 出身の防人の妻の歌であります。
防人は九州壱岐対馬辺要 を守る兵士 で、当時、東国から徴集 され、三年交替で、国々の役人
引率され、難波津 に集結し大宰府 に送られます。当時、防人は馬で行くことを許されていたので、
遠い旅路 をせめて馬で行かせたいという妻の心であったが、折から放牧時季であったため、赤馬
山野に放しているのが捕まらず、多摩横山 の道を歩いて行かせねばならなくなったという妻の
嘆きの歌であります。(犬養学 氏の解説引用)


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