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auto-translate Book Wine Grape&39;s Father Yoshimi Kawakami (1868 - 1944) Zenbae, born as the 6th generation of the Kawakami family, the owner of the Kitagata village of Niigata Prefecture Kugijo-gun (now Joetsu-shi north side), in 1890 (Meiji 28) At 22 years old he opened the original vineyard of the rock. As a new industry for fostering industry and farmers&39; relief, Zenbee has seen the poorness of rice plantation farmers at the time, which was said to be "three years a year (there is only decent sugar once in three years)" Choose a vine cultivation that does not crush the rice paddies and even lean lands (grapes can be made even in a lean land like a conglomerate). Furthermore, I thought that "wine wine will be a substitute for sake made from valuable rice as a staple food," and focused on wine making. However, varieties with good quality wine did not become familiar with the climate of this area and did not get satisfactory wine. There is no choice but to change the land for the purpose of local farmer relief and it is impossible to change the climate. For the remaining means "Development of excellent grapes to suit the land", we worked on crosses based on Mendel&39;s law and created more than 10,000 hybrid varieties. Among them, 22 excellent varieties, representative of Japan&39;s representative red wine grape "Muscat · Bailey A", originated from the original rock vineyard spread across the country. Thanks to this accomplishment, the first prize for Japanese agricultural awards has been awarded to civilians, and Zenbu is nicknamed "Father of Japanese wine grapes". Rock &39;s original vineyard founding centennial founding memorial monument "In the meantime, it is a lucky day with a wine crisp" This monogatari, the Emperor Taisho began conducting the crown prince days, and from various royal families The vineyard that gave the glory of the visit was given to the late professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo Keiichiro Sakaguchi and was awarded at the time of the centennial anniversary of the establishment of the original vineyard of the rock. Professor Keiichiro Sakaguchi is also deeply acquainted with Zenibei and is a worldwide authority on brewing science. He received the "Japan Academy Award" from his achievement, later received the "Medal of Culture" and "Ricie of the First Prize". --- Yoshiro Kawakami Hara Hometown Vineyard Wine Muscat Bailey Japan Agricultural Awards Sakaguchi Keiichiro Japanese Academy Award Cultural Medal Order of the Cultural Order 1 689 1944 1890

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auto-translate 预订Wine Grape的父亲Yoshimi Kawakami(1868年 - 1944年)Zenbae,出生于Kawakami家族的第6代,是新泻县Kugijo郡(现在的上越市北侧)的Kitagata村的所有者,1890年(明治28年) 22岁时,他打开了原始的岩石葡萄园。作为一个促进工业和农民救济的新产业,Zenbee当时看到了水稻种植农民的贫困,据说这是“一年三年(三年只有一次体面的糖)”选择一种不会压碎稻田甚至是肥沃土地的葡萄种植(葡萄甚至可以在像砾岩这样的贫瘠土地上生长)。此外,我认为“葡萄酒将替代以珍贵米饭为主食的清酒”,并专注于酿酒。然而,品质优良的葡萄酒品种并不熟悉该地区的气候,也没有得到满意的葡萄酒。除了为了当地农民救济而改变土地,别无选择,改变气候是不可能的。对于剩余的手段“开发适合土地的优质葡萄”,我们根据孟德尔定律研究了十字架,并创造了10,000多种杂交品种。其中,22个优良品种,代表日本代表性红葡萄酒“Muscat·Bailey A”,起源于遍布全国的原始岩石葡萄园。由于这一成就,日本农业奖的一等奖被授予平民,Zenbu被昵称为“日本酿酒葡萄之父”。摇滚的原始葡萄园建立了百年纪念纪念碑“与此同时,这是一个幸运的日子,葡萄酒酥脆”这个物语,皇帝大正开始进行皇太子日,并从各种王室家庭荣获此次访问的葡萄园被授予东京大学坂口庆一的荣誉退休教授,并在原始葡萄园建立一百周年之际获颁。 Kechichiro Sakaguchi教授也非常熟悉Zenibei,并且是酿酒科学的全球权威。他获得了“日本学院奖”,后来获得了“文化奖章”和“一等奖”。 --- Yoshiro Kawakami Hara故乡葡萄园葡萄酒Muscat Bailey日本农业奖Sakaguchi Keiichiro日本学院奖文化奖章1 689 1944 1890

日本のワインぶどうの父  川上善兵衛 (1868~1944)


岩の原葡萄園 創立百周年記念歌碑

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