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auto-translate A thousand years ago, a wooden image united with the sea ship of Sakai has flowed over from now. It was one of the wooden statues carved by Mr. Sugawara on the ground of Dazaifu. It is the beginning of this shrine that the monk of Tendai Buddhist temple Tenjin Kurakura was founded in Terauchi and worshiped the statue as a shinto shrine, it was about Nagato 3 (997). Due to "separation of Gods and Buddha" in the Meiji Restoration period, the name changed from Tenjin company to Sugawara Shrine in 1872. In 1945, buildings other than the tower and Kanpira shrine were burned down due to the Sakai air raid. The current arrangement after reconstruction and reconstruction is as follows. In the garden that spreads behind the Permakudo dormitory, there is a tea room red plum restaurant, there is a camellia well which is told that the teacher Takano Shiguree of Sen no Rikyu has loved it. Tsubaki&39;s well water is still used for firefly development, and in mid-June every year, firefly watching society can see fantastic rhythms of Genji fireflies and Haye fireflies. "Sakai Shrine" Shikigami is the chief priest. The festival in January, famous for its fish farming, harvesting, and prosperous business, familiar with the nickname of "Ebutsan", is a celebration of South Osaka&39;s leading number. It was founded in the current Ebisima Town in Hirofumi 6 (1666), and in 1951 (1951) it went into the premises of Sugawara Shrine. "Sakai drug grand Shinto shrine" ritual god is Sho Hikamate life and God farming god. Shihiko is a god of medicine and brewing, which is said to be a model of the legend "one-size masters". The shrine founder Ogami is a legendary emperor of ancient China and is known as a medicinal goddess since he made the foundation of medicine. Established in the 4th year of Hosono (1397), in 1907, in the shrine at Sugawara Shrine. It is said to be the oldest medicine god shrine in Japan. In recent years, many goddess visitors come to God to seal cancer. Established in the Muromachi era designated as a Tangible Cultural Property Muromachi. Although it is often a fire, it has been revived and restored each time, such as the rebuilding of the Nioto gate (existing as a tower) due to the donation of the gun Kinji Enoshima Castle Shounenemon by Five Years (1677). On the left and right inside this tower gate, the umbrella trunk that the wonderful image of the wooden color sat down, protecting the shrine, and the warrior Kanishi, Sakai went back from the Korean Peninsula and dedicated, is preserved. In 1966, it became Osaka prefecture designated tangible cultural asset. Sugawara Shrine Oginju Sugawara Michio Sugawara Tenjin, God of science, God of culture. Since early childhood, he was called a goddess, he also worked at political center (845 - 903) and promoted to the right minister. However, he was released to Dazaifu by Shigehiro Fujiwara who does not care about his success, died in disappointment. Since he was excelled in science, he is gathering reverence as a god of academics. The second child of Amami Amagami Amaterasu Ogami. Because of the achievement of ground peacekeeping, it is believed as God of national land development and industrial promotion. The god of Nomi Yuzu sumo. It was called the father of sumo because he won the power boasts with Emperor Vinnitus&39;s life at victory. It is said that he was given the last name of Mr. Tsuchiya later. Sugawara Mamo is the descendant of Nomi Yado. Shinto shrine Tenmangu Shrine

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auto-translate 一千年前,与Sakai海船联合的木制图像从现在开始流过。这是菅原先生在太宰府地上雕刻的木制雕像之一。这座神社的开始是Tendai佛教寺庙Tenjin Kurakura的修士在Terauchi建立并且崇拜作为神社的雕像,它是关于长门3(997)。由于明治复辟时期“神与佛的分离”,1872年该名称由天神公司改为菅原神社。 1945年,由于Sakai空袭,塔楼和Kanpira神社以外的建筑被烧毁。重建和重建后的当前安排如下。在Permakudo宿舍后面的花园里,有一个茶室红梅餐厅,有一个山茶花井,据说Sen no Rikyu的老师Takano Shiguree喜欢它。 Tsubaki的井水仍然用于萤火虫的开发,每年6月中旬,萤火虫观察社会可以看到源氏萤火虫和Haye萤火虫的奇妙节奏。 “酒井神社”Shikigami是主祭司。 1月的节日,以其养鱼,收获和繁荣的商业而闻名,熟悉“Ebutsan”的绰号,是庆祝南大阪的领先号码。它成立于现在的Hirofumi 6(1666年)的Ebisima镇,并于1951年(1951年)进入菅原神社。 “酒井药大神社”仪式神是Sho Hikamate生活和神农神。 Shihiko是一位医学和酿造之神,据说是传说中的“一位大师”的典范。神社创始人大神是中国古代的传奇皇帝,自从他建立医学基础以来,被称为药用女神。 1907年在Hos野市(1397年)成立,位于菅原神社的神社。它据说是日本最古老的药神神殿。近年来,许多女神来访上帝来封锁癌症。在室町时代建立,被指定为有形文化财产室町。虽然它经常是火,但它每次都被恢复和恢复,例如由于Kinji Enoshima Castle Shounenemon五年(1677年)捐赠枪而重建Nioto门(现有的塔)。在这座塔门的左右两侧,木制颜色的美妙形象坐下来的伞形树干,保护神社,战士Kanishi,Sakai从朝鲜半岛回来并致力于保存。 1966年,它成为大阪府指定的有形文化财产。菅原神社Oginju Sugawara Michio Sugawara Tenjin,科学之神,文化之神。从幼年时期开始,他就被称为女神,他还曾在政治中心(845 - 903)工作并晋升为右翼部长。然而,他被藤原重弘释放到太宰府,他不关心他的成功,在失望中死去。由于他在科学方面表现出色,因此他作为一名学者之神而受到崇敬。 Amami Amagami Amaterasu Ogami的第二个孩子。由于地面维和的实现,它被认为是国家土地开发和工业促进的上帝。 Nomi Yuzu相扑之神。它被称为相扑之父,因为他赢得了皇帝文尼图斯胜利生命的权力。据说他后来被称为土屋先生的姓氏。 Sugawara Mamo是Nomi Yado的后裔。神社天满宫

Sugawara Shrine
 今から千年以上前、堺の海船の濱に一体の木像が流れ着きました。菅原道真 が大宰府の地で彫っ
た木像のひとつでした。天台宗 威徳山天神常楽寺の僧が寺内に天神社を創建し、その像をご神体と
 常楽殿の裏手に広がる庭園には、茶室 紅梅軒があり、千利休 の師 武野紹鴎 が愛用したと伝え

 祭神は事代主命 。豊漁、豊作、商売繁盛の神で、「えべっ

 祭神は少彦名命神農大神 。少彦名命は説話「一寸法師

 室町時代 に建立。たびたび火災にあっているが、延宝5年(1677)、鉄砲鍛治 榎並屋勘左衛門の
 この楼門内の左右には、木造彩色の随身像が坐し、神社を護り、また、堺の武将 小西行長

菅原道真 天満天神、学問の神、文化の神。幼いときから神童と呼ばれ、政治の中心
(845~903) でも活躍し右大臣まで昇進。しかし、その活躍を心よく思わない藤原時平
天穂日命 天照大神の第二子。地上の平定に功績があったため、国土開発や産業振興の
野見宿禰 相撲の神。垂仁天皇の命 で力自慢同士を勝負させたところ、勝利したこと

神社 天満宮


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