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auto-translate Ueno Ueno Oko Iso Nagayama Fuukuji Temple Aomori Historic Site Fukuji Temple May 11, 1953 Osaka Prefecture Designated by Osaka Prefecture Ancient Culture, etc. Preservation Awards Regulations February 3, 1997 Osaka Prefecture Cultural Property Protection Ordinance Changed to designation Fuifukuji is called Isoe Nagayama at a temple operated in front of the tomb of Prince Shotoku. This temple became a monumental temple after the war, but it was originally the Suyoshi Shingon sect at the end of the temple and it was called Ishikawa Temple, Isojiji Temple etc. in accordance with the former county name and place name which is the location. In addition, there are the Taisho Temple, the Mausoleum Temple and the Holy Scripture from the place where it is a temple of personality to protect the religious ceremonial tomb of the Prince Shotoku island, and it is a temple that forms the core of Taishi religion alongside Shitennoji and Horyuji Temple. In addition, it is popularly nicknamed as "the upper boy" against "the lower boy" of the Yao City Daisho Tsumugi Temple with a series of battled legend, "Taichi inside" in Habikino shi Nakakuji. Although the founding of the temple is not clear, according to the temple story it is the beginning of the temple that protected the tomb of the Emperor Suiko (622) Prince Shotokuda and longed for pursuing long-lasting, the god It was said that the temple was built by the emperor Shomu&39;s imperial prince, and originally it was said that it was composed of the Tohoku-ji and Higashi Kita, like the Horyu-ji Temple, and the eastern cathedral was called the temple of Goraji temple called Fukufusa ing. The present temple was rebuilt before and after being destroyed by Oda Nobunaga of the second year of Tensho (177), and in the vast precincts there is a temple such as Kondo, the Holy Ghost, a treasure tower and a historic temple It maintains the style as. In addition, the Issoi Tomb, which was founded in the northern part of the prefecture, was the same time at the Yokohama Ibarado Palace in February of the following year in Emoto the mother-in-law Emoto the Prince Shotoku of Prince Shotoku, who lost 1949 (Rokkyo) From the place where the three killed princess Prince Shotoku and the same cozy servant Daigo were buried in one place, it is called Mikami Temple, and there are Kukai, Shinran, Shinobu, Ichiru, Nichiren, a witness There are many basketball celebrities of the priest knowledge, besides the empty wisdom saints, and now the pilgrimage of the good and bad lucky guys will never fail because we meet the boy. The temple has a number of valuable cultural assets in addition to the silk original coloration wedding sea map, the Takaya consecration book tomb designated as an important cultural asset. The Holy Spirit (Taishido) was reconstructed by Keito eight (163) Toyotomi Hidetoshi as a magistrate by Ito Left Masakami Norihisa, which well describes the characteristics of the Momoyama period, and the treasure tower is a year It was erected in 2), and both received designation of important cultural property in January, 1972. It is thought that it is a building which does not go down in the first half of the 17th century because the reconstruction of 17th year of Kiho 17th (173n) by the ruling bill clearly resembles that of Kinto (Tadashi Tadashi), Kenki Picture and Konno with the Holy Spirit Both the bell tower are both Osaka prefecture designated cultural assets on February 2, 2001. In the early Meiji era, the huge stone Olympic tower moved from the site of the stone tower to the guest house garden was told as a source tower of Yoritomo Morning, as a god of Kamakura late in the Showa 52nd March Osaka prefecture tangible I have been designated a cultural property. Prince Shotoku Crown Princess Iso Nagayama Fukufukuji --- Temple

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auto-translate Ueno Ueno Oko Iso Nagayama Fuukuji Temple Aomori Historic Site Fukuji Temple 1915年5月11日大阪府由大阪府古文化等指定保存奖励条例1997年2月3日大阪府文化财产保护条例改为指定Fuifukuji在神父圣殿墓前操作的寺庙被称为Isoe Nagayama。这座寺庙在战争结束后成为了一座巨大的寺庙,但它最初是寺庙尽头的Suyoshi Shingon教派,根据前县名和地名,它被称为Ishikawa寺,Isojiji寺等。此外,还有大正寺,陵墓和圣经,这里是保护圣德太子岛宗教仪式墓的人格殿堂,是与四天王寺和法隆寺一起形成太师宗教核心的寺庙。另外,在Habikino shi Nakakuji有一系列战斗的传说“太极里面”被广泛地称为姚明大正Tsumugi寺的“小男孩”的“上层男孩”。虽然寺庙的建立尚不清楚,但根据寺庙的故事,它是寺庙的开始,保护了皇帝Suiko(622)Prince Shotokuda的坟墓,并渴望追求持久,神据说这座寺庙是由Shomu皇帝的皇帝建造的,据说它是由东北寺和东北区组成的,就像法隆寺一样,东部的大教堂被称为Goraji寺庙,名为Fukufusa它有。现在的寺庙在Tensho(177)的第二年被织田信长摧毁之前和之后重建,在广阔的区域有一个像近藤,圣灵,一座宝塔和一座历史悠久的寺庙它保持了风格。此外,在县的北部成立的Issoi Tomb,同年2月2日在横滨Ibarado宫的Emoto,他们失去了1949年(Rokkyo)的圣母太子圣母太子。从三个被杀的公主圣德太子和同样舒适的仆人Da igo被埋葬在一个地方的地方,被称为三上寺,有Kukai,Shinran,Shinobu,Ichiru,Nichiren,见证人除了空洞的智慧圣徒之外,还有许多篮球名人的牧师知识,现在,幸运的好人和幸运者的朝圣永远不会失败,因为我们遇见了这个男孩。寺内有许多珍贵的文化遗产,除了丝绸原色着色婚礼海图外,高坂祭祀书墓被指定为重要的文化财产。由于伊藤左Masakami Norihisa作为地方法官,Keito八(163)丰臣秀太重建了圣灵(Taishido),很好地描述了桃山时代的特征,宝塔是一年它建于2),并于1972年1月获得重要文化财产的指定。由于执政法案对Kiho 17th(173n)的第17年的重建明显类似于Kinto(Tadashi Tadashi),Kenki Picture和Konno与圣灵的重建,因此被认为是在17世纪上半叶不下降的建筑物。这两座钟楼都是2001年2月2日的大阪府指定文化遗产。在明治初期,巨大的石头奥林匹克塔从石塔的地方移动到宾馆花园被告知Yoritomo早晨的源塔,作为昭和山的釜山神在3月52日大阪府有形我被指定为文化财产。圣德太子皇冠公主Iso Nagayama Fukufukuji --- Temple

河内国 上之太子 磯長山 叡福寺縁起
史跡  叡福寺
     昭和十三年五月十一日 大阪府古文化等保存顕彰規則により指定
 叡福寺は聖徳太子 の墓前に営まれた寺院で磯長山と号する。この寺は戦後単立寺
年(七二四)聖武天皇 の勅願によって伽藍を造営されたといわれ、もとは法隆寺のよ
うに東北両院からなり 東の伽藍を転法輪寺の伽藍を叡福寺と称したと伝えら
 現在の伽藍は天正二年(一五七四)織田信長 の兵火で焼失したあと相前後して再
 当寺には重要文化財 に指定された絹本着色文殊渡海図、高屋連枚人墓誌の他、数
が伊藤左馬頭則長を奉行として再建したもので、桃山時代 の特長をよく示してお



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