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auto-translate It is the tower of the Myoshinji temple which was established in the 2nd year (195) of Toshinaga Temple, a living group of Ezoe Echizen Echizen (present Fukui prefecture) and Hitoshi Hatano, the founder of Myoshinji Sansei&39;s third founder Zen master. The building was rebuilt thereafter, and the present Hajo (important cultural property) is the construction of Keicho (156 - 165) years. The gardens of Hokuto-west (national historic sites and scenic spots) are reported as the work of Masamune Kano, a famous painter of the Muromachi period. (Although it is about 100 square meters in size, it seems that rocks and bridges are arranged randomly at seemingly in the stone-oriented Katsuyama garden, but it is a garden that maintains a perfectly painterly harmony as a whole. Among the temple trees, the chestnut drawing width (national treasure) is a picture of a Zen proposal (examination question) that holds the pimp with a brush, and the great masterpiece which the absence draws heartache with the life of Ashikaga Yoshihiro Although it was a Zen priest of Sogoku - ji Temple, it was said that he was a pioneer who studied Song Dogen paintings and opened up Japanese ink paintings, and called Sesshu Higashi Tadashi as a masterpiece. , Emperor Hanazono, Emperor of the latter Nara Emperor Han Han (important cultural property) etc Kyoto City

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auto-translate 这是Myoshinji寺的塔,建于Toshinaga寺的第2年(195年),Ezoe Echizen Echizen(现福井县)的生活团体和Myoshinji Sansei的第三位创始人禅师的创始人仁野仁野。此后,该建筑重建,现在的Hajo(重要的文化财产)是Keicho(156-165)年的建筑。 Hokuto-west(国家历史遗迹和风景名胜)的花园被报道为室町时代着名画家Masamune Kano的作品。 (虽然面积约100平方米,但似乎岩石和桥梁似乎是在石头导向的胜山花园中随机排列,但它是一个整体保持完美画风和谐的花园。在寺庙树木中,栗子画宽(国宝)是禅的提议(测试问题)的图片,用刷子拿着皮条客,并且凹陷与足利义弘的生活画心痛的伟大的杰作虽然它是Sogoku-ji Temple的禅宗牧师,但据说他是研究宋多根绘画并开辟日本水墨画的先驱,并称Sesshu Higashi Tadashi为杰作。 ,Hanazono皇帝,后者奈良皇帝韩寒(重要文化财产)等京都市

退蔵院 たいぞういん

越前 (現在の福井県)の豪族・波多野重通 が、
妙心寺 三世の無因禅師 を開祖として、応永二年
(一九五)に創建した妙心寺の塔頭 である。
化財)は慶長 年間(一五九六~一六一五)の建
時代の有名な画家・狩野元信 の作庭と伝えられ
石組本位の枯山水庭園 で、一見無造作に石や橋
寺宝のうち瓢鮎図 一幅(国宝 )は、 筆でなま
表したもので、足利義持 の命により欠批が心血
る。如拙相国寺禅僧 であったが、宋元画
学び日本の水墨画 を開拓した先駆者で、雪舟
ほかに、花園天皇後奈良天皇宸翰 (重要

京 都 市


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退蔵院 京都市右京区花園妙心寺町35


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