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auto-translate The city center of castle town of pine tree Takamatsu was a port town called the "field" in the Middle Ages. When Ikoma Gensumoku built a castle from Tenson Kaigo (1868), he took the place name "Takamatsu" in the south of Yashima and changed it to "Takamatsu." For this reason, the original "Takamatsu" came to be called "Old Takamatsu". Along with the Takamatsu Castle building, craftsmen and merchants also gathered in the castle, and gradually the castle town was supposed to be improved. In addition to seeing artisan towns like carpentry towns, polished towns, konoya machi, blacksmith towns, we can also see the process by which new towns are formed one by one like old Koshinmachi and Imashinmachi. Among them, at Keioi 15 (16 IO), when we moved to the Takamatsu Castle from Marugame Castle after becoming the lord after the 3 rd change, it is said that Marugame town was brought back from Marugame and the castle town was maintained at this time You can see that. Many temples were gathered on both sides of the southern tip of Marugame Town as seen in Gobo-cho, forming the southern end of the castle. Matsudaira Yoshinaga became the lord of Takamatsu in Kanagawa 19 (1642), but according to the picture the circumstance that the castle town continued to expand south further, it was possible to create a new town such as Nanshin Town I understand this. These Takamatsu castle towns remain as shopping streets now. Takamatsu City School Board of Education: Public Interest Foundation Matsudaira Public Utility Association

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auto-translate 松树高松城堡镇的市中心是中世纪被称为“田野”的港口城镇。当Ikoma Gensumoku从Tenson Kaigo(1868年)建造了一座城堡时,他在Yashima的南部取了地名“Takamatsu”并将其改为“Takamatsu”。因此,原来的“高松”被称为“老高松”。随着高松城堡建筑,工匠和商人也聚集在城堡里,城堡镇逐渐得到改善。除了看木工镇,抛光城镇,konoya machi,铁匠城等工匠城镇之外,我们还可以看到像旧的Koshinmachi和Imashinmachi一样一个接一个地形成新城镇的过程。其中,在Keioi 15(16 IO),当我们在第3次改变后成为领主后从Marugame城堡搬到高松城堡时,据说Marugame镇从Marugame被带回来,此时城堡镇被维持你可以看到。在Gobo-cho看到的Marugame镇南端两侧聚集了许多寺庙,形成了城堡的南端。 Matsudaira Yoshinaga在神奈川县19(1642年)成为高松之王,但是根据图片,城镇继续向南扩展的状况,有可能创造南新镇等的新市镇你可以看到。这些高松城堡城镇现在仍然是购物街。高松市教育委员会:公共利益基金会Matsudaira公用事业协会


 高松 の市街地は、中世には「野原 」と呼ばれた港町 でした。
ため、元の「高松」は「古高松 」と称するようになりました。
高松城築城 に伴い、城下 にも職人商人 が集まり、次第に
紺屋町鍛冶屋町 のような職人町 が見られるほか、古新町
今新町 のように新たな町が次々できた過程もうかがえます。
中でも慶長 一五年(一六IO)に、三代正後藩主 となり
丸亀城 から高松城に移る際に、丸亀 から商人を呼び寄せ丸亀町
 寛永 一九年(一六四二)に松平頼重 が高松の藩主となりま
けている状況がうかがえ、南新町 などが新たにできたことが
わかります。これら高松の城下町は商店街 として今に残って



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高松の城下町 高松中央商店街 高松市丸亀町1

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