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auto-translate In Sendai in Kawaramachi, we distinguished the houses of the samurai&39;s residence as "Ding", the town where Ashigaru, craftsmen and merchants live "town". There are 24 towns ("24 towns in town"), they were arranged one after another along the way. In addition, even in Monza Town such as Miya Town and Yawata Town, commercial and traders were able to open shops. Outside the town of 24 towns and Monza Town, gateways called "ding fences" were created, respectively, of which Kido was established at the fence of Yawata Town, Haramachi, Tsutomotachi and Kawaramachi, which are the entrances to the castle. This is "Tingetsu". Tawara root of Kawaramachi which forms the entrance of the south castle was in the vicinity of the connection point of the well beach highway leading to Oshu Kaido and Rokugo areas (near Kawaramachi 1 chome · Konisha). Three days before and after climbing up and down the lord, this wooden door was closed, and those who came and visited were brought in and out of the doorway after checking their identity. It was a needle shop with a proprietary patent right of bamboo flour and bird mottle in succession for the role of Kido number keeping the key of Kido (usually opened around 6 o&39;clock in the morning and closed around 6 o&39;clock in the evening).

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auto-translate 在河原町的仙台,我们将武士住宅的房屋区分为“丁”,即阿诗加鲁,工匠和商人居住的城镇“城镇”。有24个镇(“镇上24个镇”),沿途一个接一个地安排。此外,即使在Miya Town和Yawata Town等蒙扎镇,商业和贸易商也可以开设商店。在24个城镇和蒙扎镇之外,分别建立了称为“围栏”的门户,其中Kido设在Yawata镇,Haramachi,堤津町和Kawaramachi的围栏中,这些都是城堡的入口。这是“Tingetsu”。形成南城堡入口的河原町的塔瓦拉根位于通往Oshu Kaido和Rokugo地区(靠近Kawaramachi 1丁目·Konisha)的井滩高速公路的连接点附近。在上下爬上前后三天,这扇木门被关闭,来访的人在检查身份后被带进出门。这是一家针具店,拥有竹粉和鸟类斑点的专利权,Kido号码保留了Kido的关键(通常在早上6点左右开放,晚上6点左右关闭)。

 仙台では、武家の屋敷まちを「丁」、足軽・職人・商人らの住むまちを「町」として区別していた。町は24あり(「町方24町」という)、道に沿ってひと続きに配置された。また、宮町や八幡町などの門前町でも商工業者が店を開くことができた。24町と門前町の町はずれには、それぞれ「丁切り柵 」と呼ばれる関門が作られ、このうち城下への出入口となる八幡町・原町・堤町・河原町の柵には木戸が設けられた。これが「丁切根」である。
 城下南の出入口をなす河原町の丁切根は、奥州街道 と六郷方面に通ずる井戸浜街道 の接続点付近(現河原町一丁目・小西家付近)にあった。藩主の上り・下りの前後3日間、この木戸は閉められ、往来の者は身元調べの上で、くぐり門から出入りさせられた。木戸の鍵を預かる木戸番 の役(通常は朝6時頃開け夕方6時頃閉める)を代々仰せつかったのは、蒟蒻の粉と鳥モチの専売特許権 を持つ針生屋であった。


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