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auto-translate Country Registration Tangible Cultural Property Matsumura Family Housing Main Building · Building · Front Matsumura Family used to own a mansion in the Kitago district Ryosho (Kakabe) town, run a raw silk business, and also own a large number of fields · forests It was also a landlord. The main building of the present location etc was built by Taisho 14th year (1925) by Mr. Matsumura Hanbei of 4 generations. The wooden two-storey main house is a stylish Japanese style house in Taisho and Showa era (Tajiku) from the Taisho to the Showa era, such as turning the corridor in four directions, the cabin in three directions, raising the ceiling and putting a column (Ranma) You can see. Built-in was a Japanese tiled roof gable roof, washout finish outer wall, it was a three-layer structure of basement 1st floor, ground 2 floors, housed household goods etc. The front gate is a grand tile roofing, which used to hang the thing that was once in the southwest of the old rice store to the present place. Inside the mansion, there are also other Tsukiji fences (Tsukieji), former Rice Zone, former departures, well-built gardens, the whole house settlement is left behind. In addition, we have stored a lot of precious furniture and living goods from the end of Edo period to the early Showa era in our house. The Matsumura family residence is valuable as a representative building which constitutes the historical landscape in front of the Kaede Monument, as the whole house including the garden blends well into the surrounding environment. Ashikaga City Board of Education

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auto-translate 国家登记有形文化财产松村家庭住宅主楼·建筑·前松村家庭曾经在Kitago区Ryosho(Kakabe)镇拥有一座豪宅,经营生丝业务,并拥有大量的田地·森林这也是一个房东。现在的位置主楼等由大正十四年(1925年)由松村汉北先生建造了四代。木屋两层主屋是从大正到昭和时代的大正和昭和时代(塔吉库)的时尚日式房屋,如四个方向的走廊,三个方向的小屋,升高天花板和柱子(Ranma)你可以看到。内置日式瓦屋顶山墙屋顶,外墙外墙,地下1层,地面2层,家居用品等三层结构。前门是一个宏伟的瓦屋顶,用于将曾经在旧米商店西南部的东西悬挂到现在的地方。在豪宅内,还有其他筑地围栏(Tsukieji),前稻区,前出发,精心打造的花园,整个房屋落户都被遗忘。另外,从江户时代末期到昭和初期,在家里存放了许多珍贵的家具和生活用品。 Matsumura家庭住宅作为代表性建筑物具有宝贵价值,构成了Kaede纪念碑前的历史景观,整个房屋包括花园与周围环境融为一体。足利市教育委员会

 松村家は、かつて北郷地区利保 (かかぼ)町に屋敷をかまえ、生糸商を営み、また、多くの田畑・山林を所有する大地主でもありました。現在地の主屋などは、4代当主松村半兵衛 によって大正14年(1925)に建てられました。
 内蔵は、和瓦葺切妻屋根 、洗い出し仕上げの外壁で、地下1階、地上2階の3層構造となってあり、家財などを収納していました。
 表門は、切妻和瓦葺 で、かつて旧米蔵の南西にあったものを現在の場所に曳屋 (ひきや)したものです。
 屋敷内には、他に築地塀 (ついじべい)・旧米蔵・旧離れも建ち、庭園のつくりもよく、屋敷構え全体が遺されています。また、当家には貴重な江戸末期から昭和初期にかけての調度・生活用品なども数多く保存されています。
松村家住宅は、庭園を含めた屋敷全体が周囲の環境によく溶け込み、鎫阿寺 門前の歴史的景観を構成する代表的な建築物として貴重です。


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