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auto-translate Iroha arm arm pump This arm pump is equipped with a firefight pump equipped between volunteers as a result of the Mukamachi Great Fire in 1892, the year after the launch of the Matsukawa firefighting association, the Meiji 3 (1897) It is believed that three towns in the town, Tenmeiro, Nakamachi jointly purchased. After that, it has been a major contributor to Meiji, Taisho and Showa and the firefighting in the area at the eyeglasses bridge as an Iroha pump In the Showa 46th (1971) Fire Digestive Activities that occurred in the town, we finally finished the role of firefighting and now we are watching the rich development of the town and fire safety. I would like to carefully protect it as a symbol of fire as a precious cultural asset of the townspeople telling the history of firefighting Preservation society of Heisei

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auto-translate Iroha臂式泵这个臂式泵在1892年Mukamachi大火之间装备了一个消防泵,这是Mukamachi大火,松川火灾协会,明治3号(1897年)发射后的一年相信镇上的三个镇,Tenmeiro,Nakamachi共同购买。之后,它是明治,大正和昭和的主要贡献者和眼镜桥区域的消防作为Iroha泵在昭和46(1971)镇发生的消防活动中,我们终于完成了消防的作用,现在我们正在观察城镇的丰富发展和消防安全。我想小心保护它作为火的象征,作为市民的宝贵文化资产,讲述消防历史的平成保护社会

 この腕用ポンプは明治二十五年(# 1892)の向町大火を機に有志間に消防ポンプ備えつけの声があがり松川消防組 発足の翌年、明治三十年(# 1897)向町、天明根、中町の三町が共同購入したときのものと思われます そののちは、いろは組ポンプとしてめがね橋たもとにあって明治、大正、昭和と当地域の消防に大きく寄与してきました
 昭和四十六年(# 1971)町内に発生した火災の消化活動を最後に消防の役目を終え今は庫内にあって町の豊かな発展と火の安全を見守っております。


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