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auto-translate The name number location is a base facility located in a provincial administrative district in the Kingdom of the Ryukyus period called "Mutsuri (mercy)", equivalent to the current office. Kiya is located between Shuri · Naha and Kunigami area, and it was a geographical position that we arrived in the evening just as we departed from both areas on foot by morning, so travelers as a town hoping for inn It was crowded. The Kiyonobi address was placed in the traffic ward. In 1853, a survey team from Perry, who visited the country, also visited. It took over its role after the abandonment clan, and has played a central role in Yomitani&39;s politics and administration as a village office from 1897 and a village office since 1908. In 2005, the address was maintained as a tourist information center, with the atmosphere of the time being as it was. Based on the results of the excavation survey, gray tiles are used for the roof as before.

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auto-translate 名称编号位置是位于琉球王国的一个省级行政区的基础设施,称为“Mutsuri(怜悯)”,相当于现在的办公室。 Kiya位于Shuri·Naha和Kunigami地区之间,这是我们晚上到达的地理位置,就像我们早上从两个地区步行一样,所以旅行者希望旅馆成为一个小镇它很拥挤。 Kiyonobi地址被放置在交通病房。 1853年,来自佩里的调查小组也访问了该国。它在放弃部落之后接管了它的角色,并且在Yomitani的政治和行政管理中发挥了核心作用,从1897年开始作为一个村办公室,并从1908年开始作为一个村办公室。 2005年,该地址被保留为旅游信息中心,时间氛围一如既往。根据挖掘调查的结果,如前所述,灰瓦被用于屋顶。

番所 とは、間切(まぎり)と呼ばれる琉球王国 時代の地方行政区に置かれた拠点施設で、現在の役場に相当します。喜名は首里・那覇と国頭(くにがみ)地域の中間にあり、徒歩で双方の地域から朝に出発するとちょうど夕方頃に着く地理的位置であったため、旅人が宿を求める宿場町 として賑わいました。その交通の要衛に喜名番所は置かれました。1853年には来沖したペリー提督の調査隊一行も訪れています。廃藩置県後にはその役割を引き継ぎ、1897年より間切役場、1908年より村役場として、読谷の政治・行政の中心的な役割を果たしてきました。


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