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auto-translate Takizawa horse Mikoto Tomb (bunkyo-Ku, given history mark) UMA is a man of Edo. 0/1767-kaei 1989 (1767-1848). In the Edo period "a famous popular novelist.
"Nansō Satomi hakkenden" left a number of works, such as "theory of Camellia half-moon shape".
Many different issue work Hall (chosadou), 蓑笠 (saryuu), 玄同 (genndou), such as, his hair down and kyokutei bakin of the title. In tombstone, Buddhist name UMA ' writings Temple hidden homare 蓑笠 layman ( post is thegymnasium good international pry ) ', wives and hundreds died ago the bakin ProcessingInstruction "Rev. t. static boat reach shore Teru Araki ( Farrah yose saneto and ugann insulators ) ' engraved pattern and anvil stone known as bakin ownership mark yakata. As the tomb of a prominent a popular novelist of the late Edo period, high historical value.
( grave Temple left aside ) Horse Mikoto in bakin's Tomb on the left side, blind in his later years, to help the southern eight there is Tomb daughter completed the dog road woman (michijo).

ProcessingInstruction, Cao glory order section road Frost Teru Araki ( so I junnsetsu filtrate so don't ).

Bunkyo-Ku kohinata jyodo 深光 Temple (jinnkouji) 4-9-5 Bunkyo-Ku Education Committee 3/1991

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auto-translate 泷泽马命墓 (文京,给出了历史陈迹)

乌玛是男子汉江户。0/1767年-kaei,1989年 (1767年-1848)。在江户时期"著名通俗小说家。"Nansō 聪美 hakkenden"留下大量的作品,如"茶花半月形状的理论"。
许多不同的问题工作大厅 (ちょさどう)、 蓑笠 (さりゅう)、 玄同 (げんどう),等他下来的头发和 kyokutei 烤漆的称号。
在墓碑上,佛教的名字乌玛 '文字寺藏金靴蓑笠外行邮政是了体育场馆好国际撬)',妻子和数百死前 bakin ProcessingInstruction"启 t.静态船到达彼岸特鲁荒木法拉裕实远和 ugann 绝缘子) ' 刻上的花纹和砧石称为烤漆所有权标志雅卡塔。作为一个杰出的坟墓流行小说家的江户末期,高的历史价值。严重寺一边离开)
马命在烤漆的墓在左边,盲人在晚年,更有帮助南部八是墓女儿完成狗路女人 (michijo)。ProcessingInstruction,曹荣耀订购部分道路冻手流荒木所以我 junnsetsu 滤液所以不要)。

文京 kohinata jyodo 深光寺 (jinnkouji) 4-9-5

都文京区教育委员会 3/1991 号

滝沢馬琴 文京区指定史跡

 馬琴は、江戸の人。明和4年~嘉永元年(1767~1848)。江戸時代後期の『著名な戯作者。”南総里見八犬伝 ””椿説弓張月 ”など、多数の作品を残した。

浄土宗 深光寺(じんこうじ) 文京区小日向4-9-5

文京区教育委員会  平成3年3月


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